Tuesday, 3 March 2015

120: The Manhole at GFW reopens

Last night I attended the reopening party for the Manhole club at GFW (Gay Fun World), which had been a pet project of the late Avacar Bluestar. The club was shut down for a while out of respect for his memory -- as DJ Sasch said last night in the voice channel, no one felt like partying for a while, but
Ryce Skytower-Aquila (the handsome blond in the centre)
everyone was clear that the continued existence of the club was what Avacar would have wanted. So his partner Ricogenu Bluestar has returned it to the clubbing schedule, with the enthusiastic support of his good friend, well-known blogger Ryce Skytower.
   If last night was any example, this will be a VERY popular club -- at one point I counted 46 residents in the room and
Ricogenu Bluestar (L)/Evan Greymyst (R)
there were never fewer than 35. I have to apologize for not being able to name everyone present and take a close-up, as is my usual practice these days. The room was super-crowded, I was lagging badly, and more worried about crashing than usual. I decided to settle for mostly long shots, and you'll know if you were there ;-)  Last night's music was provided by DJ Sasch, hosting by Rico,
DJ Sasch Petrov
and the dancer was Patrick [patrickdevonanderson], and the theme was "Masters and Slaves".
   Here's your SLURL for next week's session, which I'm told will now be regularly 6 to 8 PM SLT -- I think you'll enjoy yourself. Thanks, Rico, for returning it to us.

NakedCarl Paneer

Patrick [patrickdevonanderson], working the dance pole


  1. Nice photographs Rusty! Your panorama shots are especially good here.

  2. Well, in keeping with my recent (and perhaps rash and ill-considered) statements about being G-rated, I was trying to select shots that were penis-free. Didn't do so well!! But I got across the basic message of all those hot men packed onto that dance floor, I hope.