Tuesday, 17 March 2015

125: City boy's day off

I was out working in the field when this city guy in a slick suit came walking by with his briefcase. Did I know how to get to the train station, and was this farm all mine? Oh, he was smooth. He'd been out looking at property, and could he have a look at my ... homestead? I could feel his eyes all over me. Part of me wished I'd worn a shirt
and part of me was kinda glad I hadn't.
   So of course I showed him around. Turns out he knew something about bikes and taught me a thing or two about the old piece of junk I've been restoring. And when he took off his jacket and shirt to keep them clean, seems as though he had a pretty good build on him. For a city boy, that is.
   I guess part of it was him talking me
into something and part was me allowing myself to get talked into it. But he had what my gran called a honey tongue. Before I knew it -- well, I reckon I should have stayed out of that old truck if I hadn't wanted what happened.
   He's a sweet guy and nice and tough, the way I like 'em, but I know better than to think he's coming back this way like he said. Maybe when I take my once a
year trip to the city I'll see if he remembers me. And if not it was still fun.

Thanks to my fiancĂ© Alex Thaub, who really does have a honey tongue, and the folks who built and maintain Lost Angel, the beautiful location that was the inspiration for these pictures. 

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