Saturday, 24 May 2014

022: RARE -- well done!

I was futzing around at home yesterday afternoon, pushing furniture here and there, when I got a group notification from 3Bears. I live in the 3Bears sim and they have the occasional event; all of them are interesting, what with the frequent art exhibitions and the like, so when they send me a notice I pay attention. This one piqued my curiosity so I walked over.
The party was called RARE and the idea was that DJ Revden (immediately below) came in and played a set of music that is rare in SL -- definitely not the usual thing. There were covers of old tunes that I'd never heard before, and there were some really interesting mash-ups. Slow music -- very unusual for a club in SL -- and music that was personal to the DJ that he explained a little bit in the voice channel. Here's how interesting it was; I was so into the set for 90 minutes that I kept putting off a RL bathroom break! When was the last time you got so interested in music in SL that that happened?
The clever guys at 3Bears had built an outdoor event location that seemed temporary but looked great. There were some really interesting lighting effects the likes of which I've never seen before in SL -- any club in the real world would be screaming to get them, I'm sure, but they're probably only available in SL. I don't think my photography does it justice, you kind of have to see it in motion, but it's definitely out of the ordinary. Speaking of the clever guys at 3Bears (which is a set of sims oriented to gay men that does a lot of work curating and presenting works of SL art, as well as providing nice residential space, good neighbours, and no nudity taboos LOL), here's two of them; the host Joseph Nussbaum, immediately below, and my highly helpful landlord Galileo Michalski, next photo after Joe.
Gali also designs T-shirts and when I saw him change into a new Canadian flag shirt, well, I had to snap that! I'll buy it when he comes out unless he gives me a review copy (grin).
Part of the reason why I enjoyed the event so much was -- well, since this was a brand-new event, not huge numbers of people, but for me just the right amount to not create lag but still have lots of eye candy. A handful of friends (Sabor Skytower, well-known DJ Hotboy Lockjaw, Vady Darwin, photographer Mikolish Orion, and of course Gali and Joe) and a handful of interesting strangers. And the nice part for me was that there was actual conversation going on, not just a bunch of people firing off emotes in the open channel. I danced, I chatted, I laughed, I cruised some hot guys, I listened to interesting music, I took some pictures, I had a great time. This is the kind of party I like. RARE will, I'm told, only be on once a month; I like that idea, it makes it a little more exclusive. Now that I've raved about it, we'll probably get more guys next time -- I've never had any lag issues at 3Bears so it will likely be okay. But, guys, not TOO much advertising, okay? ;-)

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  1. Thanks for coming, thanks for the great review, and thanks for being so cool!