Friday, 27 February 2015

117: Friday night at Funkytown

Every once in a while you just have to put on your grooviest outfit and go shake your cakes! Thanks to the dynamic DJ duo of Cupric Router and Hotboy Lockjaw at their new Funkytown venue -- a good time was had by all.
DJ Cupric Router

Rusty Redfield

DJ Hotboy Lockjaw

Garrett Smith

Kahvy Smith

Austin [kaskia]

LP Kidd

Mikey [mikeadam] (in front of) Miles [mile high maximus]

Miles (L) / Arnold S [cowboybear48] (R)

Donovan Bohemian

Tibor Milasevic

Miles (L) / Arnold S (R)

Rusty Redfield

The Funkytown gang

Buck Mischief

Marly Moon

116: Seven dog years (my first anniversary!)

It was one year ago today -- February 27, 2014 -- that I made my very first post to this blog. I've remarked before that a year in SL is rather like what we call "dog years"; every year in SL is like seven years in real life. I'll celebrate this as my first anniversary, but gee, it sure feels like I've been posting a lot longer.
   On anniversaries, it's frequently customary to look back over the previous year and try to sum it up, and I wanted to do a little of that today. I went back 116 posts to see what I had to say a year ago, and what I looked like, and to me it's quite amusing.
   I've changed my looks, of course -- like so many people do in SL. I stopped wearing my l'Uomo mesh body and went back to a shape that's shorter than most male avs, and more of what I'll call the "chunky hunky monkey" look; I just prefer myself that way. I've changed my hair a couple of times (no, you won't be seeing much of my huge Afro in the future, that was for a 60s look for a party). I've changed my eye colour at least twice, and gone through more chest hair than an Italian waxing salon ;-) I was a lot more fascinated with black eyes and bruises a year ago than I am today. I still have my trademark caterpillar eyebrows, though!
   More to the point, I've changed a lot about what I blog about and why. I seem to recall starting out with the intention of doing a lot more fashion blogging than I've actually accomplished; if you follow this blog, you know I'm not much of a fashion blogger. Occasionally I find a piece of clothing I really like, and that seems to suit me, but for the most part I think I do a lot better as an interviewer than a fashionisto, and since there are plenty of fashion-forward bloggers covering that ground, I'm okay with where I've ended up.
My first published photo,
taken at The Grindery a year ago today
   One of the things I talked about a year ago today was my intention to become a better photographer. And holy moly, was that ever a bad shot I published a year ago. I can see that somehow my chest hair got mixed up with my tank top ... I wouldn't even publish this shot today except to give us all a bit of a chuckle. (These days, I have a policy that I won't knowingly publish a shot where someone is having layering problems or alpha issues with their outfit; I've been too embarrassed too often by that myself to want to document it for anyone for the future.)
I went back to The Grindery this afternoon
and took a similar picture, just to illustrate
the differences a year can make ...
   These days, I have a little bit different philosophy about photography. I realized early on that I was never going to be as good a photographer as some of my friends, and nearly all of my fellow bloggers. Instead, I have decided that my philosophy is that, damn it, I take the same kind of snapshots as a lot of other people -- it's just that I take more of them. I'm a huge Andy Warhol fan, and, looking back at the early days of Interview magazine, that's what he did; he took a lot of Polaroids and published interviews verbatim. I don't know if it's the best policy, but it seems to be mine.
   I don't seem to have any instinctive talent for photographic composition, and I don't own a copy of Photoshop or anything like that; what you see is what I see, and the most I do is set the sun to noon so I can see the details of people and objects. Believe it or not, I don't use poses (well, occasionally, when I find them at a location, or they're built into furniture). I just snap away until I get a picture I like. Yes, it's frequently a bit awkward and a bit naive, but that's the kind of photographer I am.
   As far as interviews go, well, I always ask the same questions; I may branch out a little bit in the future, and I'm thinking of different kinds of interviews for the future, but for now, I think it helps my readers to understand people when they read how my subjects answer the same questions that everyone else has answered. I like talking to people who are DOING things in Second Life, because I think they are people that other residents would like to know about; I'll continue to do that. I'll also continue to try to find unusual places to go and take pictures -- think of it as me trying to find things that it will amuse you to check out on your own.
   I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who's been supportive and enthusiastic about what I've been trying to do with this blog over the last year. Especially I want to shout out to my fellow bloggers, all of whom you'll see in the blogroll to the right. Some of those folks, like Eddi Haskell / Ryce Skytower and Ziggy Starsmith and Bock McMillan, have been producing intelligent, high-quality Second Life blogging for longer than my av has been in existence, and I owe them a great debt for leading the way. NakedCarl Paneer and I have become colleagues who seem to cover the same ground, and I thank him for keeping my nose to the grindstone to keep posting. Bloggers like Darkyn Dover, Richmond Damiano, Filippo Bergan / Chary Hera, and Carthalis Rossini spend their time and money making beautiful, intricate images, and I thank them for working at a level that constantly delights me. And bloggers like Ciaran Laval, Hamlet Au, Iris Ophelia, and Strawberry Singh have shown me that Second Life blogging can make people think as well as show them beautiful images. Thank you all, and I recommend that my readers check out everyone in my blogroll. Some of them have become friends as well as colleagues. Every single one of these folks has been an inspiration to me at one time or another, and they're all worth following.
   I also want to thank all my friends in Second Life. There are way too many to name, I'm already beyond my tag limit for this post, and (like an Oscar winner) if I name only a few I'll insult the rest, so -- if you're on my list of friends, in SL or on Facebook or both, thank you. It's your support and kind words that keep me blogging. Thanks for putting up with me pestering you for interviews and photographs and "just a few minutes of your time". Thanks for your comments and likes and thumbs-up on Facebook, and for passing around links on Google Plus, and all your interest and support. Thanks for being great DJs and hosts and designers and landlords and neighbours at 3Bears and everything else that you do. Thanks for telling me about cool things that you think I should check out. Thanks for teaching me how to do cool stuff. And thanks for reading my blog!
   Finally, as many of you know, one other important thing has changed in my Second Life in the last year. I first met Alex Thaub out dancing, and he seemed like a nice guy, and I interviewed him, and we went out on a date, and kept hanging out together -- and now we're partners and we're getting married soon. He's become the most important person in my Second Life and I thank him for his constant love, hugs, support, and understanding, and for realizing that when he pops into the house and finds me chatting with a stranger, it's for an interview ;-) You will all be invited to our wedding in the near future, and I'll be blogging about that whole process. Thanks, Alex, for making this a great time in my Second Life, and thanks for saying yes when I proposed!
   Here's to another year!

Thursday, 26 February 2015

115: G-rated

There's been a lot of furore lately in the SL blogosphere about Blogger's decision to crack down on nudity (and more intimate expressions of affection, shall we call it). I automatically put an Adult rating on this blog when I began it, and I honestly thought I would have pictures of naked avatars, etc.
   In the interval, two things seem to have happened. One is that I don't spend a lot of time at Second Life locations where there is a lot of nudity -- not very interesting to me. The other is that I find, much to my surprise, that I'm a little hesitant to confront people directly with nudity and sexuality, and prefer to link to the places where they can find those visual images so they can decide whether or not they want to see them. I would say I'm far from a prude, but ... well, perhaps I'm getting more prudish in my old age.
   So I've removed the Adult rating from this blog. Thinking back, I cannot remember any instance where I've shown any nudity or sexual activity, although I've come close. I have no intention of doing so in the future; that's not really what I'm interested in discussing here.  Nothing against it, just not my area of interest.
   Now you know! I'm very sympathetic to my fellow bloggers who have chosen this area of subject matter as something they want to work with... honestly, folks, I'm angry with Blogger for doing this to you, and if everyone finds a place to host their blogs that is living in the 21st century, I may just join you. In the meantime, I'll be the mostly-fully-clothed guy right here doing interviews, etc.

Monday, 16 February 2015

114: A small memorial for FRKLBear

One of my neighbours, FRKLBear, died suddenly (of a heart problem, as I understand it) the other day. He was much loved in our community and was a devoted bear. There will be a memorial service in the Plaza at 3Bears at 5:30-7:30 SLT on Tuesday, February 17 (this SLURL should get you there). Tonight, a few of his friends were hanging out at his house, sharing memories. If you want to join them, you can find his house here. I was there a few minutes ago, just taking some pictures, and paying my respects.  Of course my sympathies at this time are with his RL and SL family and friends; he will be missed.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

113: Rusty Bloom's exhibition of drawings

Yesterday, there was an opening party for Rusty Bloom's exhibition of drawings that I had to miss due to RL priorities, but I made a mental note to see the exhibition because I was curious about the technique. As I understand it, Rusty -- or as I call him, Handsome Rusty, so people can address the correct one 
when I'm around <grinning> -- took photographs in Second Life and then re-drew them in pencil, scanned the results and imported them back into SL. This sounded to me like an interesting process and I wanted to see the results. Having seen, I can say that they are really good and you should go have a look yourself. The SLURL is here, in Zerenta.
   Rusty built an entire parcel especially to house his drawings -- a Roman temple set in a skybox that includes a dance floor (but of course!) and other interesting features. The drawings are interesting and well-done; they are nude studies of a particularly handsome group of male and female Residents. I liked the technique of repeating the same boundaries for the drawings, the tonal 
quality, and roughly the same perspective for most of the portraits. They all have a kind of rough and smudgy quality that's in direct contrast to the hallucinatory sharpness and clarity of many SL photographs; not a texture we see often in SL, and I enjoyed it.  
   You will notice that there are a couple of snapshots of me on the scene, including a glimpse of the Roman temple the houses the art, pretending to be molested by the statues. I have not shown you pictures of the show itself for two reasons. One is that, as I said, the studies are nude and explicit. My policy is that I prefer that people make an informed choice to see these images, and you can do that by going to the gallery. The other is that as I understand it, unscrupulous people can actually lift the images I photograph and reproduce them for their own purposes. I always try to photograph other people's art only with their permission and I didn't talk to Rusty before visiting. All things considered I think you should see the art for yourself. 
   The images themselves are for sale for a very reasonable price, and having a nice piece of original art is well within your means, I imagine. I myself bought a study of my friend Larry Querrien, and a very nice one at that. 
   I'm not sure how long this interesting exhibition will be available; I recommend you visit in the next couple of days. 

Thursday, 12 February 2015

111: WayneNZ sits on my deck

WayneNZ and I live on opposite sides of the globe, so it took a little manoeuvring (and, for me, a re-education in the way that time zones work -- sorry, Wayne) to get this interview together. I'm glad I did! You'll know him from his work with Holtwaye Gallery, his art shows, or maybe as that hot blond guy that you saw out
dancing the other night LOL. He and his partner Holter give great parties, and as you'll see below he's an interesting philosophical guy.

[20:53] Rusty Redfield: Okay, let me just start this damn *click* tape recorder
[20:53] Rusty Redfield: Great! I'm here with Wayne -- WayneNZ, who is half of Holtwaye Gallery (SLURL attached).
[20:54] Rusty Redfield: say hi Wayne! <grin>
[20:54] Wayne (waynenz): Hey Rusty
[20:54] Rusty Redfield: you and your partner Holter run Holtwaye Gallery together and you are also a photographic artist who exhibits there and elsewhere. Do I have that right?
[20:55] Wayne (waynenz): thank you for having me over.  Yikes, yes, that sounds 
like a lot, and a bit more
[20:55] Rusty Redfield: haha you make it look easy.
[20:55] Wayne (waynenz): the price I pay for being creatively curious
[20:55] Wayne (waynenz): lol
[20:56] Rusty Redfield: oh my pleasure! Well, I've been to some GREAT parties at your gallery, and I've really enjoyed looking at the art, so ... it's my pleasure,  
I think people want to know about how these sorts of things work and what happens behind the scenes.
[20:56] Wayne (waynenz): but thank you
[20:56] Rusty Redfield: So you know the deal, I always ask the same questions <grin>
[20:56] Rusty Redfield: 1.  Why do you stay in Second Life?  What keeps you here?
[20:56] Wayne (waynenz): smiles and nods
[20:57] Wayne (waynenz): well, like with most creatives, it's the creative expression mostly
[20:57] Wayne (waynenz): but as I progressed in SL
[20:57] Wayne (waynenz): it also became so much more about the friendship and people you meet along 
the way from all over
[20:57] Rusty Redfield: Yes, I think that kind of sneaks up on creative types LOL
[20:58] Rusty Redfield: LOL OMG! The people who like my work are human beings! haha
[20:58] Wayne (waynenz): ha ha, well, we hope they are....who knows right?
[20:58] Rusty Redfield: yes.  Art is a solitary vice, somebody said.
[20:58] Rusty Redfield: well, your answer segues naturally into #2:
[20:59] Rusty Redfield: 2. What are the qualities that attract you to people in Second Life?
[21:00] Wayne (waynenz): hmmmmm, probably the same kinda qualities you find in RL.  Just generally people are nice, take the effort to be decent
[21:00] Rusty Redfield: <grin> well, in  
RL I am occasionally attracted to gorgeous guys because they stand out, but here, they're par for the course
[21:01] Wayne (waynenz): ha ha, oh yes....second life is very much a visual world, and after all, we are guy too...grins
[21:01] Rusty Redfield: yeah! I love the eye  candy here.  But I have to agree, it's the person behind the avatar that counts.
[21:01] Wayne (waynenz): it also about the diversity and endless talent I see in people
[21:02] Wayne (waynenz): by talent, I mean however big or small that may be
[21:02] Rusty Redfield: <grin> I look for people who are having fun.
[21:02] Wayne (waynenz): from someone simply arranging something in their home, to the big name builders and artists
[21:03] Rusty Redfield: we all work in our own little way.
[21:03] Wayne (waynenz): exactly
[21:03] Rusty Redfield: oh, man, that ALSO segues beautifully into the next question
[21:03] Rusty Redfield: are you sure you haven't done this before? ROFL
[21:03] Rusty Redfield: 3. What are you working on, as a form of artistic expression or in order to earn money, or both?
[21:03] Wayne (waynenz): ha ha, well, I am a follower of your blog
[21:03] Wayne (waynenz): lol
[21:03] Rusty Redfield: Now, you know I want to hear about it all LOL
[21:03] Wayne (waynenz): which I love btw
[21:03] Rusty Redfield: thank you!! I really enjoy doing it.
[21:04] Wayne (waynenz): you are welcome.
[21:04] Rusty Redfield: so to start off, I know you had a show at Chilipepper open last weekend.
[21:05] Wayne (waynenz): oh sorry, I missed that
[21:05] Wayne (waynenz): lol
[21:05] Rusty Redfield: no problem!! hhah I'll ask again
[21:05] Rusty Redfield: 3. What are you working on, as a form of artistic expression or in order to earn money, or both?
[21:05] Wayne (waynenz): In real life i am a graphic designer, so I earn my money there and not really in second life
[21:05] Rusty Redfield: understood.  It can pay a share of tier, though ...
[21:06] Wayne (waynenz): this is more of a creative outlet/escape
[21:06] Wayne (waynenz): lol
[21:06] Wayne (waynenz): it sure does
[21:06] Rusty Redfield: So, let's start with the show at Chilipepper.  What's that about?
[21:06] Wayne (waynenz): but as you know I run the gallery with the very talented and creative Holter, who is the Holt in Holtwaye
[21:06] Wayne (waynenz): ah yes
[21:07] Rusty Redfield: yes indeed -- as I grasp it, he's the curator and you're the artist?
[21:07] Rusty Redfield: but I bet those things overlap a lot
[21:07] Wayne (waynenz): yes he is
[21:07] Wayne (waynenz): so yes, Chillipepper
[21:07] Wayne (waynenz): My second exhibit in SL really
[21:07] Wayne (waynenz): Marc approached me to exhibit a sample of my work
[21:08] Rusty Redfield: Marc ... LOL
[21:08] Rusty Redfield: <grinning>
[21:08] Wayne (waynenz): it was weird having to pick my own work as we do this for our artists at the gallery
[21:09] Rusty Redfield: but you do do a lot of photography
[21:09] Rusty Redfield: do you have a Flickr stream?
[21:09] Wayne (waynenz): oh yes, usually when all my friends are offline, cause you know, I live on the other side of the world
[21:09] Wayne (waynenz): I do, let me grab that for you
[21:10] Rusty Redfield: I know people will love to see it.  The photos are great.  It was very strange for me for a moment ... Wayne you haven't heard this story LOL.
[21:10] Rusty Redfield: I went around Innsmouth and took abunch of pictures and so did you, and yours are like LIGHT YEARS better LOL
[21:11] Rusty Redfield: we even did the same shot, sort of, in the clutches of Cthulhu -- but yours was awesome
[21:11] Wayne (waynenz): lol, how funny, I loved that sim
[21:11] Rusty Redfield: me too
[21:11] Rusty Redfield: I'm a Lovecraft fan
[21:11] Wayne (waynenz): well, I was fortunate to encounter a space ship
[21:11] Wayne (waynenz): whispers - which I photoshoped in btw
[21:11] Wayne (waynenz): lol
[21:11] Rusty Redfield: see, this exhbition is so fun, you should see it
[21:11] Wayne (waynenz): Here is the link
[21:12] Rusty Redfield: great!
[21:12] Rusty Redfield: and I think I have a SLURL for the show
[21:12] Wayne (waynenz): I love stumbling about things, places and people
[21:12] Rusty Redfield: Chilipepper is the link.
[21:12] Wayne (waynenz): so yes my exhibit is a collection of works
[21:12] Rusty Redfield: I hope that's right.
[21:12] Wayne (waynenz): mostly two shots of the same scene
[21:12] Rusty Redfield: duality.
[21:13] Wayne (waynenz): yes.  smiles
[21:13] Rusty Redfield: folks, yes, I actually looked at the catalogue ROFL
[21:13] Wayne (waynenz): ha ha, good on ya
[21:14] Rusty Redfield: which is worth reading.  But Wayne's pictures have this great quality of ... intelligence, I guess I'd call it. You should see them.
[21:14] Wayne (waynenz): aaw, thank you Rusty
[21:14] Rusty Redfield: calls em like I sees em LOL
[21:14] Wayne (waynenz): well, that mirrors our goal at Holtwaye
[21:14] Rusty Redfield: yeah, you guys show a lot of good artists.  And it is a HUGE space.
[21:15] Wayne (waynenz): we like work that is stepped up to that next level, work that tells a story and is not just a snapshot
[21:15] Wayne (waynenz): omg yes
[21:15] Wayne (waynenz): lol
[21:15] Rusty Redfield: people, they have a WHALE out front.  It is a BIG space ROFL.
[21:15] Wayne (waynenz): the biggest gallery, literally, in SL. laughs
[21:15] Wayne (waynenz): well, Holter and I worked on the space together
[21:15] Rusty Redfield: and there are always three or four artists exhibiting at any given time, at least that I've seen.
[21:16] Wayne (waynenz): we wanted the space to be camera friendly and to focus on the artwork
[21:16] Wayne (waynenz): sure is.  Holter curates most of the shows and I manage to sneak in a few of my own exhibits, which he curates too
[21:17] Rusty Redfield: I intend to interview him about that at some near future point
[21:17] Wayne (waynenz): oh yay...he is very talented :-)
[21:17] Rusty Redfield: I don't know if he mentioned it, but he and I are talking about a guided tour of the gallery
[21:18] Wayne (waynenz): oh that
[21:18] Rusty Redfield: I'm interested in how he makes curatorial decisions ... maybe I'll learn something LOL and at least I'll print the results
[21:18] Rusty Redfield: oh and I can't let this slide without talking about the amazing parties you guys throw
[21:18] Wayne (waynenz): oh it's an interesting process, I am fortunate to listen to him at times when he mutters around thinking things out loud. LOL
[21:18] Rusty Redfield: haha you're the Watson!!
[21:19] Wayne (waynenz): ha ha
[21:19] Wayne (waynenz): yes, the events brings everything to life
[21:19] Rusty Redfield: I love that you have a group of people who obviously love to get dressed up
[21:19] Wayne (waynenz): whether they are opening exhibit events or just a good old bash, its sure brings the gallery to life
[21:20] Wayne (waynenz): ha ha, yes, we do love to use our gachas!
[21:20] Rusty Redfield: they're the kind of parties I always wanted to go to in Second Life -- killer costumes, outfits, people having fun in a very social way
[21:20] Wayne (waynenz): but we have a great following with the dress ups...and its amazing to see our supporters be 'our' art for an evening
[21:20] Rusty Redfield: so keep your eyes on your feed and if you see one coming up, have fun preparing for it!!
[21:21] Wayne (waynenz): hey, I hear ya!  You really see people's creativity shine at these events
[21:21] Rusty Redfield: so, summing up -- love the art, love the gallery, love the parties <laughing>
[21:21] Wayne (waynenz): ha ha
[21:22] Rusty Redfield: you guys are doing it right!
[21:22] Wayne (waynenz): makes three of us.
[21:22] Rusty Redfield: <smiling>
[21:22] Wayne (waynenz): well, its just a labour of love
[21:22] Rusty Redfield: let me segue to a question I ask on behalf of new Residents.
[21:22] Rusty Redfield: 4. If you could give advice to your earlier self in the first month that you spent in Second Life, what would you say?
[21:23] Wayne (waynenz): we love doing it.....I use to have homestead I use to do themed landscaping builds....some of the pics are on the flickr page
[21:23] Wayne (waynenz): oh, yikes, let me stop rambling
[21:23] Wayne (waynenz): lol
[21:23] Rusty Redfield: no, it's all good, but we have to save a little for next time <grinning>
[21:23] Wayne (waynenz): wow, my first month....hmmm
[21:24] Wayne (waynenz): suppose I would say slow down, look around and savour SL
[21:24] Wayne (waynenz): don't just rush into things
[21:24] Rusty Redfield: interesting!
[21:24] Wayne (waynenz): try everything and so much more
[21:24] Wayne (waynenz): ha ha
[21:24] Rusty Redfield: oh yeah
[21:24] Wayne (waynenz): oh oh, and
[21:25] Wayne (waynenz): don't forget just be yourself and a decent human being lol
[21:25] Rusty Redfield: that's a good one.
[21:25] Rusty Redfield: when I was very new here, I used to scour the blogosphere looking for things to do in SL
[21:26] Rusty Redfield: I think I kind of wished someone would have talked about why to do it, or how to think about it
[21:26] Wayne (waynenz): a good way to do that tho....always good to get a sense of what things are about
[21:26] Rusty Redfield: haha my other advice is, don't spend so damn much money
[21:26] Wayne (waynenz): omg yes!!
[21:26] Wayne (waynenz): you don't realise how it all adds up.
[21:27] Rusty Redfield: yeah, I fell hard and spent a fortune
[21:27] Wayne (waynenz): ouch
[21:27] Rusty Redfield: on stuff that I probably haven't looked at in a looooong time LOL
[21:27] Rusty Redfield: oh well.
[21:27] Rusty Redfield: it's how we learn, right?
[21:28] Wayne (waynenz): yes, social sites to give you that extra opportunity to see what's going on and to learn more about people
[21:28] Wayne (waynenz): sure is. smiles
[21:28] Rusty Redfield: so I have to confess something about my next question
[21:28] Wayne (waynenz): oh oh
[21:28] Rusty Redfield: I promised you I always ask the same question, but I've been tinkering with one of them
[21:28] Wayne (waynenz): yessss?
[21:28] Rusty Redfield: because people weren't grasping what I was getting at
[21:28] Rusty Redfield: my bad phrasing.
[21:28] Rusty Redfield: so let me try this one on you.
[21:29] Wayne (waynenz): aaah ok
[21:29] Rusty Redfield: 5. What is on your mind when you’re deciding how your avatar looks?
[21:29] Rusty Redfield: what I'm getting at is -- does your av look kind of like you in RL, or nothing at all like you in RL?
[21:29] Wayne (waynenz): being a graphic designer, cleanliness
[21:29] Wayne (waynenz): lol
[21:29] Wayne (waynenz): oh yes
[21:30] Wayne (waynenz): trying to find good blond hair and lighter body has been a huge challenge
[21:30] Wayne (waynenz): hence, I am always trying out new stuff and exploring
[21:30] Rusty Redfield: yeah, you and I are hair shoppers I know ROFL
[21:31] Wayne (waynenz): but yes, when deciding on my av, its things I like, things that resemble my rl look to some extent, give a few years variation LOL
[21:31] Rusty Redfield: and we ran into each other at that men's wear event ...
[21:31] Wayne (waynenz): we are!!
[21:31] Wayne (waynenz): we need to have a long hair night, like a bohemian night!! LOVE that
[21:31] Rusty Redfield: Jared Leto night ROFL
[21:31] Wayne (waynenz): lmao
[21:32] Wayne (waynenz): only if I can play the Doors!!!
[21:32] Rusty Redfield: oh yeah I do a mean Jim Morrison
[21:32] Rusty Redfield: you're on! ROFL
[21:32] Wayne (waynenz): lol love it
[21:32] Rusty Redfield: okay, one last question.
[21:32] Wayne (waynenz): will start growing my hair
[21:32] Wayne (waynenz): sure
[21:32] Rusty Redfield: I ask this one to get hints about where to go to enjoy SL
[21:32] Rusty Redfield: 6. What’s your favourite place to spend time in Second Life?
[21:33] Wayne (waynenz): yikes, I seem to spend alot of time at the gallery. LOL
[21:33] Rusty Redfield: that's fair
[21:33] Rusty Redfield: I mean, it's fun to work at the gallery, I bet
[21:33] Wayne (waynenz): but its more about places for me. I am fond of fantasy sims
[21:33] Wayne (waynenz): and beautiful landscaped sims, nature
[21:34] Wayne (waynenz): and for some inspiration I dip into LEA
[21:34] Rusty Redfield: I just learned about that.
[21:34] Wayne (waynenz): to see what the amazing artists are doing
[21:34] Wayne (waynenz): oh its a great region to go to
[21:34] Rusty Redfield: = Linden ... Endowment for the Arts? did I get that right?
[21:34] Rusty Redfield: so people can search for it.
[21:34] Wayne (waynenz): yup, that is it
[21:35] Rusty Redfield: that's great, thanks!
[21:35] Rusty Redfield: listen, I've really enjoyed this
[21:35] Wayne (waynenz): you're welcome
[21:35] Rusty Redfield: as you can tell, we went long -- sorry folks, it happens ROFL
[21:35] Wayne (waynenz): oh thank you Rusty
[21:35] Rusty Redfield: I always offer people the chance to say whatever they want at the end
[21:35] Rusty Redfield: philosophy -- ranting -- helpful hints
[21:35] Rusty Redfield: or what question should I have asked? LOL
[21:36] Wayne (waynenz): ha ha
[21:36] Wayne (waynenz): nope, you were great.  Must admit it is a challenge for an introvert
[21:36] Wayne (waynenz): lol
[21:36] Wayne (waynenz): creatives are like that
[21:36] Rusty Redfield: this is one on one
[21:36] Rusty Redfield: LOL
[21:36] Rusty Redfield: although I'm sure millions of people read this <belly laugh>
[21:37] Wayne (waynenz): lol...woot, yes, they should!!
[21:37] Rusty Redfield: from your lips to god's ear.  LOL
[21:37] Wayne (waynenz): ha ha, amen brother
[21:37] Wayne (waynenz): that sounded weird
[21:37] Wayne (waynenz): lol
[21:38] Rusty Redfield: so unless you want to stand on the soapbox for a minute -- I'll wind this up -- but the soapbox is right there for you
[21:38] Wayne (waynenz): oh dear, now that put the fear of god in me. LOL introvert on a soapbox.
[21:38] Rusty Redfield: <grin> then I'll let you off the hook.  I want people to be comfortable.
[21:39] Wayne (waynenz): ha ha, no its ok
[21:39] Rusty Redfield: So whatever links we didn't provide, I'll go back and put in.  let me just find my tape recorder here
[21:39] Rusty Redfield: and I'll thank you so much for your time in sitting down on my deck ...
[21:39] Wayne (waynenz): Thank, the gallery can be found but I will send you the LM
[21:39] Rusty Redfield: good, yes please.

[21:40] Rusty Redfield: and I'll shut the tape recorder off *click*

Apparently we were both in a talkative mood so I ran a little longer than usual, but I enjoyed the whole conversation.  Nobody is sure how long the exhibition at Chilipepper will be on, so if you'd like to see those pictures, sooner is better than later. And there are always multiple interesting exhibitions on at Holtwaye ... check it all out.  Thanks, Wayne!

Saturday, 7 February 2015

110: The Celebration of Life for Avacar Bluestar

Ricogenu Bluestar
Today marked the Celebration of Life for Avacar Bluestar, hosted at the Greymyst Estates, and broadcast over SL Radio. SLebrity blogger Ryce Skytower-Aquila and Avacar's widower Ricogenu Bluestar also shared hosting and production duties. It started with a concert by singer Phemie Alcott (which unfortunately I had to miss due to RL commitments) and then
Evan Greymyst
a two-hour dance party with DJ Thorn Andel and host Esme Capelo.
   I've been looking forward to this event for a couple of days and I wasn't disappointed. Ryce Skytower told me that they had raised more than L$60,000 for the American Heart Association, which is a real achievement; congratulations to all concerned, including the donors. Evan 
DJ Thorn Andel
Greymyst and Izzy Greymyst supported this effort in more than one way too, and I'm sure Phemie Alcott did as well. I know they would all join me in thanking everyone who attended in such a good cause.
   Avacar was such a popular guy -- I tried to take pictures as fast as I could, but I'm sure there were people who popped in and out without my having
Ryce Skytower-Aquila & Benja Aquila-Skytower
time to document it. My apologies. It was a fairly large crowd of people who were there to have a good time in order to celebrate Avacar's life. It was a little eerie for me, who never met the gentleman, to hear his voice over SL Radio. I really enjoyed the set by Thorn Andel; it was cheerful and bouncy dance music, what I call personally "housework energy music". Just the
(L-R) Mas Dawg [Mason Thibodeaux],
Rusty Redfield, host Esme Capelo, Guyke Lundquist
thing for a group of friends who were a little sad but all knew that most of all Avacar would have wanted them to have a good time.
   If you'd care to make a donation to the American Heart Association on behalf of Avacar or for any other reason, you'll find them at

   Name-checking the guests I saw:
Kwaj [kwajkid]
Mas Dawg [Mason Thibodeaux], Guyke Lundquist, Kwaj, Garrett Smith and Kahvy Smith, Veran Aquilarius Fortis [Veranaquilarius], AJ Wrightsmith [AaronJames24], Benja Aquila-Skytower, Khar [Kharissa Indigo], the irrepressibly cheerful Jack Jayaram, Astanias Jayaram, Deepert, BJ [bjornzee], my friend Crito Galtier of Terra Lascivus, Asharr 
Garrett Smith, Kahvy Smith
Antonius [asharr], Master Bill Daddy Bear [hotguy59] and his new spouse MoreLuvin4U, Reiki [Celtico], Uncle Vaan [Vaan.Artis], Prosper Telling, Jono [Jonoes], Marcury [Marcury.Jie], Greg [Gregoire.Ducatillion], Kyle Lambert [KyleKC], Tiffany Maverick [Tifax3foxy], Tech B. Berlin [toxic.xaris], Mike [Ralvek.boy], La Zia Lety [luna.oskar], and InsyX Piranha. Not
Veran Aquilarius Fortis [veranaquilarius]
Uncle Vaan [vaan.artis]
The late Avacar Bluestar
I'm sorry to have missed Phemie Alcott's concert
Rusty Redfield
Prosper Telling
Jono [Jonoes]
Marcury [Marcury.Jie]
Greg [gregoire ducatillion] (R)
Kyle Lambert [KyleKC] (L)
Tiffany Maverick [Tifax3foxy]
Tech B. Merlin [toxic.xaris]
Mike [ralvek.boy]
La Zia Lety [luna.oskar]
InsyX Piranha
even counting the people I missed in the concert in the first hour. Well done everyone!
AJ Wrightsmith [aaronjames24]
(L/R) Izzy Greymyst, Khar,
Jack Jayaram, Astanias Jayaram
Izzy Greymyst (R)
BJ (Bjornzee)
Crito Galtier
Asharr Antonius [asharr]
Master Bill Daddy Bear [hotguy59]
Reiki [Celtico]
DJ Thorn Andel & Esme Capelo