Saturday, 28 March 2015

128: JJ Goodman's show opens at Holtwaye Gallery

This afternoon was the opening of a show of excellent portraiture by well-known photographer JJ Goodman -- everyone was there. And when I say everyone ... well, my private rule of thumb is, if there are enough people on the sim to crash my system, it's a good party. If I crash more than once, it's a great party. Judging by that, this was the party of the decade: I crashed eight times. I think part of that was that my system was overloaded by the fantastic voice of Samm Qendra, who gave an awesome and very personal performance. But part of it might have been just an amazing number of great-looking avs. It's my new standard for
The amazing vocal talent of Samm Qendra opened the show
most crashes in a single hour.
   Eight crashes means I have to apologize, because I didn't even come near to documenting everyone who was there. I couldn't manage to get Samm in performance mode, sorry to say, but I did catch a snap after she finished. There are a couple of personal friends for whom I'm going to have to do the SL equivalent of buying
JJ Goodman, the artist
them an apologetic drink, because I just couldn't manage to snap them looking so good ...
   I know the exhibit will be up for some time and you should definitely see it. JJ specializes in portraiture and he's taken a few amazing pictures of me over time at various events; he knows how to capture personality in a casual way and make the av seem very immediate. I
WayneNZ, half of the team that runs Holtwaye Gallery
loved looking at it and you should see it. You can find Holtwaye Gallery here; thanks, as always, to my friends WayneNZ and Holter Rez for hosting the great opening party, and Holter for his curation skills.
Holter Rez, who curated the show
Sebas [yonsan]
Xavier Beaumont-Zettau
Astanias Jayaram
SLebrity DJ Hottie B. Lockjaw
Ohiomike Lockjaw
Two great DJs, Cupric Router (foreground and on the wall)
and Hottie Lockjaw, twerking
Duncan Armundsen
Bart Boon
Beckham Brunswick (L), Divos Titanium (R)
Rusty Redfield

Brick Fallen
(L to R) PuPi [Pupila Abeyante], Talu [Taluna.ishtari],
Stephano [stephano76]
Mintxu Denimore
Stephano [stephano76]
Alloson Sands (L), WayneNZ (R)
Well-known SL blogger Ziki Questi
Julia Umarov
Nikolai Warden
Tiffani Celestialis
Garrett Smith
Fordis Flores
PuPi [Pupila Abeyante]
Rusty Bloom-Bayard (L) dancing with
Cathy Ghost-Gale (R)
JP Damien
Talu [taluna.ishtari] in his own design; the Guernica jacket
isn't on the market yet
Palix Beaumont-Zettau

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