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122: Walking through the new 3Bears Foundation Gallery with curator Joseph Nussbaum

Part of the reason I live on the 3Bears sim is their commitment to displaying the work of Second Life artists; I like that idea and it's great to just go for a walk on the sim and see what you can see. Recently, though, Galileo Michalski re-did the public areas -- beautifully, I might add -- and as a result the 3Bears Foundation 
Gallery space was changed. I persuaded my friend and neighbour, and well-known photographic artist, Joseph Nussbaum to walk me through the new gallery space and do an interview to tell my readers about it; he's currently showing, as well as two other well-known SL artists, Bianca Xavorin and Tomais Ashdene
Joseph Nussbaum
[15:24] Rusty Redfield: hey!
[15:25] Joseph Nussbaum (edward.nussbaum): hey there!
[15:25] Rusty Redfield: good to see you, and thanks for taking this time
[15:27] Joseph Nussbaum (edward.nussbaum): we can sit on a bench here I think
[15:27] Rusty Redfield: so my understanding is in the recent re-vamp 
A room of Bianca Xavorin's exhibition
of 3Bears, you moved/changed/resized the art gallery?
[15:27] Joseph Nussbaum (edward.nussbaum): it's a long story, but yes :-)
[15:27] Joseph Nussbaum (edward.nussbaum): just a sec, my focus is out here lol
[15:28] Rusty Redfield: heh heh yeah, the short version will be fine
Part of Bianca Xavorin's exhibition
[15:28] Rusty Redfield: I know 3Bears has always had a focus on the arts, it's part of the reason I moved here -- that and the nice neighbours LOL
[15:28] Joseph Nussbaum (edward.nussbaum): When I left, it was because I was getting tired, and I want SL to be a fun, interesting, time and not unfun.
[15:28] Joseph Nussbaum 
A view of Tomais Ashdene's exhibition
(edward.nussbaum): yeah it's a nice place!
[15:29] Joseph Nussbaum (edward.nussbaum): but I guess I had taken on a lot, and all the different tasks started making me feel like I do in RL, and I have enough of that
[15:29] Joseph Nussbaum (edward.nussbaum): so I left to take a rest.
Another view of Tomais Ashdene's photographs
[15:29] Rusty Redfield: I know, right? We come here to have fun and recharge and maybe create, and dance and shop and fuck
[15:29] Joseph Nussbaum (edward.nussbaum): lol
[15:30] Joseph Nussbaum (edward.nussbaum): all of that hyes :-)
[15:31] Joseph Nussbaum (edward.nussbaum): but, when I came 
A look at Edward Nussbaum's exhibition
back, I didn't want to be beholden to anything specific, I wanted to just take my time. Gali (The owner of 3Bears) had revamped the place - He said it was time - and he put down this small gallery
[15:32] Rusty Redfield: I've certainly seen and liked the re-vamp.
[15:33] Rusty Redfield: so you get to do -- how shall I say -- a bit less curation? 
Another view of Edward Nussbaum's artworks
More focus on a smaller space, less ongoing responsibilitiy?
[15:33] Joseph Nussbaum (edward.nussbaum): Yeah - a small gallery, I can just relax with it, present stuff that I want to, not worry about anything - yay!
[15:34] Rusty Redfield: exacctly.  And people know that when you mount a show it's worth seeing.
Edward Nussbaum (L) / Rusty Redfield (R)
[15:35] Joseph Nussbaum (edward.nussbaum): There are many huge galleries in SL that do wonderful things and I want to have an intimate space for small shows  - I don't want to be famous or work my tail off with all that, I just want to present things that I like and artists that I love.
[15:35] Rusty Redfield: I understand.
[15:36] Rusty Redfield: And I see you have a couple of very familiar names here, people who have been creating beautiful work in SL for a while, that have a track record of achievement
[15:36] Joseph Nussbaum (edward.nussbaum): And the gallery will remain small, with some small parties now and then, but present art as it should be, mixed in with the residents.
[15:36] Joseph Nussbaum (edward.nussbaum): Yes, We have Bianca Xavorin with a lovely exhibit
[15:37] Joseph Nussbaum (edward.nussbaum): and Tomais Ashdene with some of his realistic pictures,
[15:37] Joseph Nussbaum (edward.nussbaum): and of course, my own room hehe
[15:39] Rusty Redfield: I see that!
[15:39] Rusty Redfield: so -- perhaps we could have a look at each of the rooms
[15:39] Joseph Nussbaum (edward.nussbaum): sure thing
[15:39] Rusty Redfield: you pick
[15:40] Joseph Nussbaum (edward.nussbaum): This is one room of two of the photography of Bianca Xavorin
[15:40] Joseph Nussbaum (edward.nussbaum): She's chosen a "Mythological" theme for her pictures, or perhaps "Gorean - Mythology"
[15:41] Rusty Redfield: that makes sense
[15:41] Rusty Redfield: fantasy, definitely
[15:41] Rusty Redfield: and for some of my readers, the attraction will be some very handsome nearly nude models <grin>
[15:41] Joseph Nussbaum (edward.nussbaum): yeah, She does wonderful work with figures, and has a great choice of colours
[15:41] Joseph Nussbaum (edward.nussbaum): hehe
[15:41] Joseph Nussbaum (edward.nussbaum): and hot models too :-)
[15:41] Rusty Redfield: I was thinking that -- the palette is golds and greens and flesh colour, very linked together
[15:42] Joseph Nussbaum (edward.nussbaum): yes, she has done some other shows of different types of photos, all very good!
[15:42] Joseph Nussbaum (edward.nussbaum): ok over to Tomais
[15:43] Rusty Redfield: this is Tomais Ashdene, I took my readers to a show of his work not too long ago and interviewed him, a great guy
[15:43] Joseph Nussbaum (edward.nussbaum): A room of Tomais here - some of these are older works, some are new.
[15:43] Joseph Nussbaum (edward.nussbaum): But a nice quiet display of pieces
[15:43] Rusty Redfield: I know he's like me -- he likes to pay attention to the tiniest details
[15:44] Joseph Nussbaum (edward.nussbaum): yeah lol, unlike me, I like to take shots on the moment
[15:44] Joseph Nussbaum (edward.nussbaum): I took one of you
[15:44] Joseph Nussbaum (edward.nussbaum): lol
[15:44] Joseph Nussbaum (edward.nussbaum): which will show up on Facebook
[15:44] Rusty Redfield: <grin> I have no patience but an eye for detail, it's a fatal combination LOL
[15:44] Joseph Nussbaum (edward.nussbaum): hehe
[15:44] Rusty Redfield: aha!
[15:44] Joseph Nussbaum (edward.nussbaum): ok the final room
[15:45] Rusty Redfield: I know Tomais spends hours working over his art, and it really shows
[15:45] Rusty Redfield: I know from seeing some things you've put on Facebook that you're currently interested in ... shadows?
[15:45] Joseph Nussbaum (edward.nussbaum): This is just a collection of pictures that I have done over time, as well as a picture which links to a video
[15:45] Joseph Nussbaum (edward.nussbaum): I have some photos from my Tarot set here
[15:46] Joseph Nussbaum (edward.nussbaum): my "Moving Picture Show"
[15:46] Rusty Redfield: I remember those! Yes, that exhibition too
[15:46] Joseph Nussbaum (edward.nussbaum): and some of my latest pieces
[15:46] Joseph Nussbaum (edward.nussbaum): this is my most recent
[15:46] Joseph Nussbaum (edward.nussbaum): It's from a video I made, actually
[15:46] Rusty Redfield: large pools of shadow
[15:46] Joseph Nussbaum (edward.nussbaum): I like shadows :-)
[15:47] Rusty Redfield: people don't exploit them in SL often, I guess
[15:47] Joseph Nussbaum (edward.nussbaum): not really, people rarely do, that's true
[15:47] Joseph Nussbaum (edward.nussbaum): but that's the gallery, I hope to have a party here soon for it as well.
[15:47] Rusty Redfield: you can get people to focus in on a smaller part of what they're seeing
[15:48] Rusty Redfield: oh THAT sounds like fun, your opening parties are always fun
[15:48] Joseph Nussbaum (edward.nussbaum): yeah, and that's all I want
[15:48] Joseph Nussbaum (edward.nussbaum): as soon as I know moe, I will let you know
[15:48] Rusty Redfield: I'll drop the word. I've met some really interesting people at your opening parties ... always fun.
[15:48] Joseph Nussbaum (edward.nussbaum): thanks!
[15:49] Rusty Redfield: so how long will this exhibit be mounted?
[15:49] Joseph Nussbaum (edward.nussbaum): not sure, lol, probably for a month or two
[15:49] Rusty Redfield: oh good, so people can come and see it.
[15:50] Rusty Redfield: without worrying about a deadline
[15:50] Rusty Redfield: any upcoming exhibitions you can talk about?
[15:50] Joseph Nussbaum (edward.nussbaum): yes, I hope they do, just to see the art and get a nice idea of what people are doing,
[15:50] Joseph Nussbaum (edward.nussbaum): it's not just all parties all the time
[15:51] Rusty Redfield: heh heh, no, that's the fun part to make up for the hours getting the details painstakingly correct on the art
[15:52] Rusty Redfield: this has been great, thanks so much for walking me around it
[15:52] Rusty Redfield: nice to see the new space and it sounds like you have found a new enthusiasm
[15:53] Joseph Nussbaum (edward.nussbaum): I hope in the future to have small shows like this, for art on a small scale, a time to just sit and enjoy how art is in society
[15:54] Rusty Redfield: <smiling> I like looking at good art, and I like the opening parties
[15:54] Rusty Redfield: so you keep finding the artists and I'll keep blogging the openings! <laughing>
[15:54] Joseph Nussbaum (edward.nussbaum): excellent!
[15:54] Joseph Nussbaum (edward.nussbaum): Thanks for the interview, Rusty! Hope to see you  here!
[15:54] Rusty Redfield: thanks again Joe.  I'll add a SLURL to the gallery after we close off.
[15:54] Joseph Nussbaum (edward.nussbaum): kk :-)
[15:55] Rusty Redfield: Thanks for your time and -- see you soon!
[15:55] Joseph Nussbaum (edward.nussbaum): yw :-)

So, no time limit, but I think you'll find it worthwhile to take someone on a date, or just out for a view -- a gallery visit makes a nice first date and you get to find out what kind of art your date likes! Thanks, Joe, and I hope lots of people come and see the exhibitions. 

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