Saturday, 31 December 2016

184: Dinner at the Terrace

Getting a Christmas present for my husband Alex Thaub -- or indeed many people in Second Life -- can be difficult. Fashions move very quickly and generally speaking, if you see something while you're out and about, it's easy and inexpensive to buy. So for someone special, what you generally need to do is provide an experience and not merely an object.
  We've always liked The Terrace Lounge and Grille 
Restaurant, run by our friend Jorden Andrew. Well, part of it is sentimental, since this is where I popped the question way back when. But the larger part of it is that Jorden and his crew behind the scenes have figured out how to give people an experience that is like real life, but takes advantage of everything that is unique about SL.
  Our dinner the other night took place at the "Winter Cottage in the Woods". The basis of this is the dining experience, which takes place in a beautiful little
outdoor pavilion; as always, perfect service by Jorden himself, of a four course meal that I would have been happy to order in real life. (I'm a bit of a foodie, and all I can say is, so is whoever creates these menus.) And after the meal, we spent time exploring the interesting environment that The Terrace folks have created for your amusement. There's a sleigh ride, a skating rink, a bath house, and a beautifully decorated little cottage with ... let's just say with the animations that romantic adults might
expect to find.
  Of course the Winter Cottage is not the only environment they have to offer; there are five or six different dining experiences and a couple of very unusual offerings that include a dude ranch weekend (!) and a place to take the kids on their rez-days. We recommend it highly and you should check out what they have to offer! Use the link above to see their web pages, where you'll get a very good idea of the complete range of experiences; use this 
SLURL to get to the entry point; or contact Jorden Andrew in-world.

Monday, 19 December 2016

183: Testing Alchemy

 Alex Thaub and I have had our troubles over the years with Firestorm -- my friends may have noticed that I tend to crash, crash, crash, when there's a lot of avs crammed into a small space, and Alex suffers from lag all out of proportion to the excellence of his computer equipment and connection. So he talked me into trying a new viewer along with him; Alchemy. You can download it here, if you're curious.
  Of course there are always 
things to tweak and fix and jigger when you install a new viewer; it's taking a while. Most of the problems are just finding ways to make things like the way we knew them, rather than it being impossible.  So far, we're both quite excited at how things are holding up. I decided to take a few pictures and see what, if anything, the differences are. There's a few problems with background items not rezzing up ... we're still tweaking the controls.  In the meantime -- hope you like my antlers! ;-)

Monday, 12 December 2016

182: Merry Christmas from Rusty Redfield and Alex Thaub

181: Behind the scenes of our Christmas card

Alex Thaub and I had some fun last night doing our annual Christmas card at Calas Galadhon. If you're not familiar with it, it's a beautiful photo location that's maintained altruistically for the benefit of photographers, it seems, or just as a place to stroll around and admire the scenery. It's part of the Second Life Destination Guide right now as a place to take winter photographs, so one thing led to another...
  I'll be posting our Christmas card as my next post, but I thought it might amuse you to see what goes through my viewfinder to get there. As you may know, I don't use any kind of Photoshop or image enhancement, rarely use anything except natural lighting, and honestly prefer to not pose people, but just let their AOs provide me with a national motion. Here, of course, we usually posed; if you're doing a two-man Christmas card, you both need to be facing the camera. But behind the
scenes there were a couple of good shots and a couple of silly ones and everything in between. Some of them are marred because I wasn't getting a proper reading of the texture on Alex's new winter coat; c'est la vie.
  We had fun taking the pictures, hope you enjoy looking at them!

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

180: Facebook shutdown

I arrived home last night to learn that my Facebook account had been shut down ... because I'm not a real person, apparently.  I cannot reactivate it, so that's it; game over.  Right now if anyone is looking for my photographs, this is where they will be, and I'll be thinking about what else to do.  It's unlikely to involve Facebook, though.
I'd love to put a photograph of how I feel about Facebook at this point but I think a photo of a large steaming pile would violate Blogger's TOS, and I haven't got many outlets left ;-) If anyone has comments or suggestions, I'd love to hear them.

Saturday, 3 December 2016

179: Friday night Groove Therapy with DJ Lledge

I did say I wasn't going to do party reports, didn't I? Well, I had a good time last night listening to some deep house music courtesy of DJ Lledge and host Novs Morlim. I'll make up for breaking my promise by not adding anyone's name... I forgot to write anything down, since I had my headphones on and was chair-dancing to the music.
  My weekend doesn't really start until I hear Lledge's playlist on Friday; if you like
house, this is a great place to hear it. Friendly host, friendly naked guys too. What's not to like?

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

178: A walk around 3Bears

 I was trying to think of an interesting place to take some photographs -- to show off my neat new winter jacket -- when I realized I live on the very scenic sim 3Bears.
  Not only is it my own back yard, I noticed that the 3Bears guys have got some nicely designed little houses and installed them in attractive, friendly neighbourhoods. There's a lot to be said for starting your SL in a place like this,
with just over a hundred prims. You have a place to change clothes, rez your purchases, decorate a little, and install a piece of sex furniture with 700 combinations in the menus ;-)  That's all you need when you're starting out.
  The little brownstones here are a very nice space, 117 prims for L$350 a week. I rather liked the boathouses here, 146 prims for L$440 a week, because there's a boat dock at ground level and one big room above. It's actually more effective to have a single room than two floors, if
you have a strict prim allowance; you can focus your decoration more effectively. Less, as they say, can be more.
  I'm not sure about the effects of the recent prim upgrades; we tenants haven't seen any effect of it yet, but I've sort of been expecting it.  Mind you, I'm not sure of the conditions defined by Linden Labs. The 3Bears folks know better than anyone at this point.
  The gentlemen at 3Bears are easy to get along with, responsive to your needs,
and have a nice taste in public decor. Talk to Galileo Bear-Michalski (galileo.michalski) and tell him I sent you. He will be surprised, because I decided to give you this little tour on my own; 3Bears doesn't pay me, I just think you might enjoy these little houses. If nothing else, you can wander around and take some pictures, but Gali will help if you have questions.  Enjoy!