Sunday, 15 March 2015

124: Out for a walk and having some fun with a sculpture

The message came through my 3Bears feed that the sims are being redone in spring mode -- so I decided to go for a walk. There was some nice vivid green foliage and beautiful new plants. I ran into Galileo Michalski, my landlord, and complimented him on the new brownstones that have been so popular. (Sorry,
guys, all rented at the moment; they went FAST.)
   Then I wandered over to the shopping district and had a happy accident. You know how sometimes you can be walking around and end up a little bit off course? I wound up right in the middle of a kinetic sculpture outside the 3Bears Foundation Gallery and decided to take a bunch of pictures! I just let my camera
 sit and allowed my AO to take over, moving me around -- I'd refresh whenever I thought I had a nice composition, but had to be lightning-quick. I had fun and got some interesting shots!

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