Wednesday, 9 September 2015

152: Oculus Rift and Mark Zuckerberg in Vanity Fair

There's a very interesting article in the latest edition of Vanity Fair -- you can read it here -- about the relationship of Facebook to Oculus Rift, via Facebook's principal Mark Zuckerberg. It also goes into the possibilities for funding of both Oculus Rift and a major competitor, Magic Leap.
   Nothing much about Second Life, but you can bet if Facebook places a big stack of chips on Oculus Rift, things will happen. I don't think it's time yet to commit to one technology or the other, but this will be useful background information within a year, I think. Enjoy.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

151: When the cat's away ...

... the dogs will play. Alex Thaub and I got a new house recently and we're also merging our respective dogs. As dog-lovers know, this can be a problem when two people each with pampered pets move in together.
   Alex's dog Tiger has never really warmed up to me, I'm not sure why. Alex was working late tonight, so I had the place to myself. I tried to spend a little time with Tiger ... he likes his ears
scratched but he's not anxious to spend too much time around me. I'm okay with that; we'll integrate into one pack in the near future.
   In the meantime, I curled up on the patio couch with my own two pests, Porky and Petunia. It's hard to tell what they're thinking at any given time, because bassets are not what you might call demonstrative dogs. They just like to be around you and snuggled up close all the time.  When visitors are around I usually tuck them away for a nap in the
greenhouse; sometimes they're too demonstrative around strangers. Tonight they were giving me that s t a r e that means (this time), "Feed me you bastard." Okay ... I fed the dogs.
   Finally I decided to go to bed early. I was hoping to make it a three-dog night but Tiger was still avoiding me, so I took Porky and Petunia to bed. Sorry Alex -- I know the dogs aren't allowed on the bed. But I was lonely ... that little stack of magazines turned out to not be very interesting. And the dogs kept giving me
that s t a r e. So I fell asleep. Hope my handsome husband wakes me up when he gets home.