Tuesday, 3 March 2015

121: Adults only

Based on a piece of advice from my knowledgeable and experienced friend, Ryce Skytower-Aquila, I've decided to return the "Adult" rating to my blog -- just in case I accidentally show something of an adult nature, like I did last night.
   You're all grown-ups ... I'll still be primarily a G-rated blog.  But now I can invite you to imagine why Alex Thaub is smiling his funny little smile -- and where my other hand is. ;-)


  1. I agree. Less to worry about when posting. From time to time. I post one the see that I am not sure if I should have and then remove it. You have a nice blog.

  2. Google will rate you adult with even a hint of Avatar cock if you are an LGBT Blog. Talk about stupid morality!

  3. I figured I'd rather be safe than sorry; there's so much casual nudity in SL that I don't even notice it any more, but I sometimes include it in photographs without meaning to.