Sunday, 31 May 2015

137: Club Omega opens Monday at Gay Fun World

Ricogenu Bluestar gave me some advance information the other day and asked me to pass it along to you -- he has a new club opening on Monday in the Gay Fun World complex, CLUB OMEGA.
   I went and toured the build in its empty state -- it looks elegant and should be a good backdrop for all the sexy visitors. You'll find the club HERE, and after you use that SLURL you'll find yourself at the top of a set of stairs. Head downstairs, through the corridors, and you'll find it easily.
   The people behind the
new club are Rico himself, of course, and his sim manager Astanias Jayaram. For the grand opening your host will be Joe Lycomedes and DJ duties will be handled by Herr Direktor. And there will be L$1500 on the board for the sexiest in leather ... now I KNOW you have that outfit ready to go.

For ease of reference: 
Monday, June 1, 2015, 5 to 7 PM SLT

One last thing: If you're opening a club, or if you have an upcoming event you want to promote -- getting in touch with bloggers and telling them about it is a pretty good idea. From our point of view, it's nice to be able to bring people news BEFORE something happens. More than once in the past, I've popped in to SL to get something else done, and in my feed I have five minutes' notice of the opening of a new club. Sure, I go, and I take pictures, and I tell everyone what a good time we all had -- but if I have the chance to tell people before the event, there are more people in the room and we have more fun. So thanks for thinking of me, Rico, and let me tell other club promoters -- it's a good idea to get the word to bloggers before the event. Because you get pieces like this!

Friday, 29 May 2015

136: A short break

I'm sure some of my readers have noticed I've been blogging a lot less frequently in the last few weeks. As sometimes happens, real life has thrown me a family-based curve and I'm spending a lot of time dealing with the effects. I'm getting closer to stability now and I thought I'd mention that I was going to increase my efforts a bit in the next while.  Thanks to my friends who expressed concern: it's all good these days, thanks.
   However, in the future I will be focused more on certain kinds of blogging than others. I enjoy doing interviews and I've heard from many people that they look for that from me, so I'll seek out opportunities with people who have something going on in Second Life and to get them to talk about what interests them. (And if you have something going on, you could do worse than get in touch to say so. Don't be shy.) I'll be doing less about clubs unless there is some kind of special event, or the opening of a new club, etc. It's fun to recommend services and places, and even the occasional store, to my readers, but from now on I'm going to only do that when something strikes my fancy. And I'm going to continue to have fun with my dear Alex Thaub and telling stories about two guys, the farm boy and the city boy, that look just like us, but aren't ;-)
   Your comments, as always, are welcome.

Monday, 4 May 2015

135: L'Homme Magazine, May 2015 edition

Another fine edition of l'Homme Magazine, under the hand of editor-in-chief Hikaru Enimo. I like where this magazine is going. I'm in familiar territory when the advertisements are indistinguishable from, and equally important as, the editorial; page after page of "Oh, that's NICE," "Oh, I wouldn't wear THAT," and "OMG where can I buy it?" Lots and lots of great men's clothes, skins, accessories and household objects. Intelligent design (so nice to find the information you want on the same page!). Well worth your time -- find it here.
   This edition has three featured design houses: Gizza (Giz Seom and her partner Auster Elan are on the cover), Samurai Skin and Gabriel, plus lots of other material from, among other things, my new current favourite Deadwool (I've been constantly rocking their business suit), Taketomi and UW.ST. I'm not familiar with 7 Deadly S(K)ins but, wow, best name for a skin house EVER.

Saturday, 2 May 2015

134: New issue of Photography magazine

I'm always impressed when I see a new issue of Photography magazine, produced by Joao Batista, and the May 2015 issue is really exceptional. See it here. Beautiful new photography by, among others, my friends Joe Nussbaum and GiaCinta Angel Samael. Definitely worth checking out; 300 pages of lovely images.