Saturday, 29 November 2014

086: Cupric Router's 4th Rezday Party

Cupric Router is a friendly guy and a great DJ and host, who has a guiding hand in a couple of different operations; the one I'm most familiar with is the Grindery, where I go dancing from time to time. (There's also Hollerin' Red's at Ginger Holler, where I've spent some pleasant times also.) It was a pleasure to attend Coop's 4th rezday party today!
     DJ Hotboy Lockjaw, frequently his
Cupric Router, at his 4th Rezday Party
partner in crime, laid down a fun set to a packed room. Coop has lots of friends and there were around 30 of us there for most of the session, dancing and having fun. I crashed twice, which these days is starting to be the signal for me of a well-attended party, and managed to bring back lots of pictures of people enjoying themselves and celebrating Coop's many contributions. And Hottie
Lockjaw is a man who knows how to throw a good party!
    Happy rezday, my friend, and I wish you all the best in the next year in SL and everywhere!

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