Saturday, 8 November 2014

079: The Re-opening party for Zeus Gay Club

Over the years I'm sure I've dropped into Zeus Gay Club in Gay City Cologne a bunch of times. As I understand it, the sim's directors have been working hard on a complete reboot and today was the party at which the re-opening was celebrated.
     If sheer numbers are any indication, this is going to be a very successful club starting as of today. The place was
packed to the rafters the whole time I was there, and I actually crashed a couple of times just because. I wanted to hear the set by my friend DJ Cupric Router and apparently a whole lot of other people did too. This was quite the celebration: from 11 AM SLT to 6 PM SLT, with five DJs in seven hours. And I bet the party is still going LOL.
     Very much present was the Villota family who seem to be the movers and shakers of all the recent work. Michelangelo Villota had the Owner tag, Fannie Villota was the host, and Mark Villota worked on the dance pole. I'm betting there was a lot of organization that it took to bring off a seven-hour party -- it was all seamless, folks, so well done there.
     They kept moving the dancing from place to place around the sim, showing off their new work. I didn't quite catch the name of the area in which we were dancing during my time there -- Amphitheatre? -- but it seems to be just one of the many areas of the sim that have been revamped, as near as my memory tells me.
     I'm thinking, though, that this place is going to be popular for more than its nice visual design; I saw groups of people there speaking various language groups and I'd only seen about a third of the people ever before. Any place that can attract three or four separate groups from different time zones is going to be a very busy place for quite a while, I imagine.  I did see quite a few friends
there: newlyweds Larry Querrien-Mactavish and Ronan Mactavish-Querrien, Stallion Pizarro, well-known DJ Hottie Lockjaw, photographer (and a whole lot better photographer than me!) JJ Goodman, Garrett Smith, the Swedish contingent headed by Bock McMillan, with Guyke Lundquist, Tomais Ashdene ... and Pook Cypher, Marly Moon, Kahvy Sands and twice as
many more people speaking three or four languages whose names I didn't manage to capture. Yeah, it was THAT crowded. For that cute Italian guy with no English, I sure hope you were wondering who made my jacket because that's what I gathered you were asking. My Italian is terrible.  You're cute though <wink>.
     I understand the Zeus people are going back into full swing almost
immediately so you can check out the new build for yourself. I have a SLURL here that will get you to the place where I was dancing -- you might want to look for a proper landing point, I think they have one. So thanks to the Villota group for bringing back this club and sim and I think I'll be spending more time with you in the future.



  1. A great set of photos. I wish I could have been there longer, but you know RL just wont let one do that somewtimes. I love this club.

  2. Thanks Carl! I crashed THREE TIMES just to get these pictures LOL ... I feel invested now!

  3. If like me just keep logging back in. I do not give up. smile