Wednesday, 5 November 2014

076: Larry Querrien-Mactavish sits on my deck

Larry Querrien-Mactavish [larry.querrien.resident] and I have a lot of mutual friends and acquaintances and we seem to hang around at the same dance clubs ... so we finally met the other night and hit it off.  I think you'll find his take on things quite traditional and yet very interesting -- and well expressed.  Here's our interview:

[20:10] Rusty Redfield: <click> let me just start this recorder
[20:10] Larry Querrien-Mactavish (larry.querrien): Yeah... married these days LOL
[20:10] Rusty Redfield: And -- we're off
[20:11] Rusty Redfield: I'm here with Larry Querrien-Mactavish [larry.querrien.resident] -- Hi Larry, thanks for coming by
[20:11] Larry Querrien-Mactavish (larry.querrien): Thanks Rusty... Glad to be here :)
[20:12] Rusty Redfield: And thanks for encouraging me to do more interviews, so you're the first victim <cough> I mean first subject LOL
[20:12] Larry Querrien-Mactavish (larry.querrien): What goes around, comes around I guess LOL
[20:12] Rusty Redfield: No good deed goes unpunished ;-)
[20:12] Rusty Redfield: So you know the deal -- six easy questions
[20:12] Larry Querrien-Mactavish (larry.querrien): Amen there!
[20:12] Rusty Redfield: and a few snapshots
[20:12] Larry Querrien-Mactavish (larry.querrien): Ima ready!
[20:13] Rusty Redfield: 1.  Why do you stay in Second Life?  What keeps you here?
[20:13] Larry Querrien-Mactavish (larry.querrien): A number of things Rusty...
[20:13] Rusty Redfield: well, you just got married, that's probably a good one L:OL
[20:14] Larry Querrien-Mactavish (larry.querrien): I've made some good 
friends here over the years
[20:14] Larry Querrien-Mactavish (larry.querrien): The people in SL are my number one addiction
[20:14] Rusty Redfield: I hear you
[20:14] Rusty Redfield: no point in being here without them, I think
[20:14] Larry Querrien-Mactavish (larry.querrien): The creativity here is also incredible
[20:15] Larry Querrien-Mactavish (larry.querrien): The architecture, sim-builds... the art that SL lets us make
[20:15] Rusty Redfield: all the things that the mechanics of SL make possible -- I admit that's why I came here in the first place, but it's the people that keep me here
[20:15] Rusty Redfield: that and I'm a lousy builder LOLOL
[20:16] Larry Querrien-Mactavish (larry.querrien): SL is an extension of RL for me as far as relationships go... and the only difference between my SL self and the RL version is the visual
[20:17] Rusty Redfield: interesting
[20:17] Rusty Redfield: you seem quite invested in both worlds, I think we met through Facebook
[20:17] Larry Querrien-Mactavish 
(larry.querrien): I got to know you there more... I've seen you around the grid over the years
[20:18] Rusty Redfield: <grin> It's true, in a world where the primary social outlet is the dance club LOL
[20:18] Rusty Redfield: but speaking of "around the grid", I think that segues nicely to question #2
[20:18] Larry Querrien-Mactavish (larry.querrien): Yeah... Very much like 
they are in RL in the gay world
[20:19] Rusty Redfield: 2. What are the qualities that attract you to people in Second Life?
[20:19] Larry Querrien-Mactavish (larry.querrien): Personality and approachability
[20:20] Rusty Redfield: so an outgoing personality I guess
[20:20] Larry Querrien-Mactavish (larry.querrien): And having something more to say than "Wanna boink?"
[20:20] Rusty Redfield: oh my yes
[20:20] Rusty Redfield: yeah I hear you there
[20:21] Larry Querrien-Mactavish (larry.querrien): Was over that after my first 6 months LOL
[20:21] Rusty Redfield: yes, exactly, I think people either move forward on that or leave -- I mean, ikt has its place, but ...
[20:22] Larry Querrien-Mactavish (larry.querrien): Yeah, there is a place, but it shifts as your avi matures
[20:22] Rusty Redfield: Much like real life I suppose. <grin> I'm still very immature in that respect LOL
[20:23] Larry Querrien-Mactavish (larry.querrien): Hahah  I have my "phases".... winks
[20:23] Rusty Redfield: so now comes the part of the interview where you get to promote something you're doing -- feel free, it's why I ask the question
[20:23] Rusty Redfield: 3. What are you working on, as a form of artistic expression or in order to earn money, or both?
[20:23] Larry Querrien-Mactavish (larry.querrien): A couple projects actually...
[20:24] Rusty Redfield: Yyyeeeeessss?? <laughing>
[20:24] Larry Querrien-Mactavish (larry.querrien): I'm revamping some of my products and working on a new store image for my baby... L. Querrien
[20:25] Larry Querrien-Mactavish (larry.querrien): Its a small furniture and art store
[20:25] Rusty Redfield: now, I usually add in links to Marketplace and stuff, so you can give me that after the interview -- it's the only think I go back and touch up
(added later: You can find the Marketplace store here)
[20:25] Larry Querrien-Mactavish (larry.querrien): Will do :)
[20:26] Rusty Redfield: What kind of furniture and art?
[20:28] Larry Querrien-Mactavish (larry.querrien): Art Deco-ish and modern cabinets & tables... will be adding some seating.... And art ranges from eclectic world market type paintings & sculpture to tasteful nudes
[20:28] Rusty Redfield: I don't htink I've seen your whole range, but I did an Art Deco house once and I wish I'd known your work then, the side tables are great
[20:29] Larry Querrien-Mactavish (larry.querrien): Only on Marketplace at the moment, will be re-opening in-world this December
[20:29] Rusty Redfield: that's where I saw the tables
[20:29] Larry Querrien-Mactavish (larry.querrien): Thank you
[20:29] Larry Querrien-Mactavish (larry.querrien): I'm redoing the pieces to add shadow planes
[20:29] Rusty Redfield: I like your take on the period, not a slavish reproduction but rather updated
[20:30] Larry Querrien-Mactavish (larry.querrien): Yeah... thank god for mesh now
[20:30] Rusty Redfield: oh yeah, Deco furniture used to be very very prim heavy
[20:30] Larry Querrien-Mactavish (larry.querrien): that helps so much with what can be done
[20:31] Larry Querrien-Mactavish (larry.querrien): The second project....
[20:31] Rusty Redfield: I was going to say, I thought there were two LOL
[20:32] Larry Querrien-Mactavish (larry.querrien): LOL... I'm partnering with my husband.... Ronan Mactavish... helping him put together shows of his SL photography
[20:32] Rusty Redfield: which is a really active artform in SL
[20:32] Rusty Redfield: does he have any shows coming up?
[20:33] Rusty Redfield: where could we see his pictures?
[20:34] Larry Querrien-Mactavish (larry.querrien): He's getting ready to shoot models for the next show... a tribute to the glamour of the 1920's and 30's
[20:34] Rusty Redfield: excellent!
[20:34] Rusty Redfield: with interesting L. Querrien furniture in the background I trust <laughs>
[20:35] Larry Querrien-Mactavish (larry.querrien): We haven't discussed that yet LOL
[20:35] Rusty Redfield: we'll wait and see.  So no fixed date yet but -- maybe after Christmas?
[20:36] Larry Querrien-Mactavish (larry.querrien): Right now, he has a few pieces at OmWa Gallery... no date yet for the show, but will be announced in Facebook
[20:36] Rusty Redfield: fair enough.  Well, you know I like to let people know that stuff, here and on FB, so I'll pass it along when I get it.
[20:37] Rusty Redfield: and I'll find a SLURL for OmWaGallery and add it in
[20:37] Larry Querrien-Mactavish (larry.querrien): It will be held in Ronan's own gallery we're setting up... "IMAGine Studios"
[20:37] Rusty Redfield: very nice!
[20:37] Rusty Redfield: so -- a change of pace question
[20:38] Rusty Redfield: apparently I have a bunch of readers who are fairly new to SL and I like to get something in for them -- so:
[20:38] Rusty Redfield: 4. If you could give advice to your earlier self in the first month that you spent in Second Life, what would you say?
[20:39] Larry Querrien-Mactavish (larry.querrien): Oh jeez.... put me on the spot why don't you?! LOL
[20:39] Rusty Redfield: <grin> well, I wish someone had said to me, "Don't buy all that crap, you'll never wear it!"
[20:41] Larry Querrien-Mactavish (larry.querrien): Okay... Avi-wise, be picky about the freebies you pick up. If you can afford a a decent AO, get it. Learn about GOOD body proportions, especially head, hands and feet.
[20:41] Rusty Redfield: ah yes, like my old blog post that I'll probably link in here
[20:41] Larry Querrien-Mactavish (larry.querrien): Yes! Please do! lol
[20:42] Larry Querrien-Mactavish (larry.querrien): Now, just a suggestion for manners...
[20:42] Rusty Redfield: <grin> as in, "Have some"?
[20:43] Larry Querrien-Mactavish (larry.querrien): IM before walking in on people having sex... And in RL, would you really appreciate someone going into your home and using your sex poseballs???
[20:43] Rusty Redfield: I can't even.
[20:44] Larry Querrien-Mactavish (larry.querrien): Seriously though... Look for a mentor of sorts...
[20:44] Rusty Redfield: There isn't enough disinfectant ROFL
[20:44] Rusty Redfield: that is a good idea, yes, a friendly mentor
[20:44] Rusty Redfield: Not someone that wants to turn you into a copy of them, but rather into yourself
[20:44] Larry Querrien-Mactavish (larry.querrien): Yeah... I was lucky in that regard
[20:45] Rusty Redfield: I don't think anybody that's been here a while minds questions from someone new about how to do stuff
[20:46] Larry Querrien-Mactavish (larry.querrien): I don't mind at all... If it helps somebody enjoy SL longer and better, its all good.
[20:46] Rusty Redfield: well, this is a nice segue, then --
[20:46] Rusty Redfield: 5. What do you like most about the way that your avatar looks?
[20:48] Larry Querrien-Mactavish (larry.querrien): I've tried to keep it realistic looking.... Haven't embraced mesh bodies due to the hassle of clothing them.  My avi also reflects what I am not in RL.
[20:49] Rusty Redfield: I think realistic looking is really a hard thing to accomplish here
[20:50] Larry Querrien-Mactavish (larry.querrien): It is... especially with all the cookie-cutter looks out there
[20:50] Rusty Redfield: yep.  I've said before, perfection is the base state here, but you have to do something different to be remembered
[20:51] Larry Querrien-Mactavish (larry.querrien): I hope I have... I don't see too many clones of me running around LOL
[20:51] Rusty Redfield: Me either, I think ... or I hope.
[20:51] Larry Querrien-Mactavish (larry.querrien): You're a one-n-only, Rusty :)
[20:51] Rusty Redfield: LOL
[20:52] Rusty Redfield: you too! I think that's something that is hard to do here without practice
[20:52] Rusty Redfield: perhaps it's just that after you've been here a while, your av develops a personality that fits you, or vice versa
[20:52] Larry Querrien-Mactavish (larry.querrien): And it takes L$ to do it too
[20:52] Rusty Redfield: well, that's a shortcut to be sure.  A good skin and a good AO are crucial.
[20:53] Larry Querrien-Mactavish (larry.querrien): Exactly... Your avi evolves over time... you tweak in constantly
[20:54] Rusty Redfield: LOL I found some OLD pictures recenlty, I'm going to do a whole Throwback Thursday thing
[20:54] Rusty Redfield: I look like a different SPECIES FCOL
[20:54] Larry Querrien-Mactavish (larry.querrien): LOL
[20:54] Rusty Redfield: almost done -- one more question.
[20:54] Rusty Redfield: 6. What’s your favourite place to spend time in Second Life?
[20:55] Larry Querrien-Mactavish (larry.querrien): "Where" you mean?
[20:55] Rusty Redfield: where indeed
[20:55] Rusty Redfield: hmm, I must have copied that from an old file, sorry
[20:55] Larry Querrien-Mactavish (larry.querrien): You can edit that lol
[20:55] Rusty Redfield: nope, warts and all ROFL
[20:56] Larry Querrien-Mactavish (larry.querrien): I've got 3 favorites, and 2 of them are plugs... is that okay?
[20:56] Rusty Redfield: absolutely!
[20:56] Rusty Redfield: this is so me, and my readers, can find new places to go -- they can figure it out
[20:57] Rusty Redfield: And I'll add SLURLs
[20:57] Larry Querrien-Mactavish (larry.querrien): Calas Galadhon (click for SLURL) and its adjacent parks are incredible 
[20:58] Larry Querrien-Mactavish (larry.querrien): Facon... Home of Ginger Holler and various venues, crafted by Coop Router
[20:58] Rusty Redfield: <grin> I've been leading my readers there already (SLURL is here)
[20:59] Larry Querrien-Mactavish (larry.querrien): And then last, but not least my own home sweet home.
[20:59] Rusty Redfield: No SLURL for that one <smiling>
[20:59] Larry Querrien-Mactavish (larry.querrien): No... and its orb-protected LOL
[20:59] Rusty Redfield: well done! Well, that's the end of my list of questions, but I always like to offer a chance for you to say anything you like about SL, or anything else
[21:00] Rusty Redfield: philosophy if you want
[21:01] Larry Querrien-Mactavish (larry.querrien): Thanks for asking me to do this, Rusty :) This has been fun. I just have a couple simple (or not so in reality) things.
[21:01] Rusty Redfield: my pleasure and thanks for doing the interview! The floor is yours --
[21:02] Larry Querrien-Mactavish (larry.querrien): First, remember that there are real people behind the pixels... being in SL does not give you license to be an asshat or bully to others here.
[21:02] Rusty Redfield: "The emotions are the only thing that's real here"
[21:03] Rusty Redfield: And bullies tend to find over time that they're on their own
[21:04] Larry Querrien-Mactavish (larry.querrien): Secondly, the SL gay community has always been a bit divided. But since the passing of Fabrice Snook, it has gotten more so. We really need to work out our differences and come together more.
[21:04] Rusty Redfield: That's a whole blog post right there, but I'm with you.
[21:04] Larry Querrien-Mactavish (larry.querrien): Amen
[21:04] Larry Querrien-Mactavish (larry.querrien): <grins>
[21:05] Rusty Redfield: Well, I've taken quite a bit of your time -- thanks SO much for sitting down for an interview!
[21:05] Larry Querrien-Mactavish (larry.querrien): Its been a pleasure Rusty!
[21:05] Rusty Redfield: <fumbles at tape recorder> Now how do I turn this <click>

Some interesting ideas and I may be thinking about that threatened blog post -- as I said to Larry after the recorder was turned off, that would make a very interesting round table discussion.  Larry gave me his time on short notice, for which thanks -- and he also prompted me to do more interviews, so thanks for that too!

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