Saturday, 8 November 2014

078: Tiger Song performing at Zinaida

I dropped into a performance by Tiger Song [scottsf.resident] as the plus-one of my boyfriend Alex Thaub last night and was pleasantly surprised. Speaking as someone who doesn't understand the technical requirements that I'd need to broadcast sound from my computer setup, the idea that anyone ever manages to do that is a mystery to me. That it was also fun and interesting was
a bonus.
     Tiger Song's music is -- hard to describe, but then I have that problem a lot with music genres in Second Life, because everyone is doing some kind of fusion LOL. This might be called "neo-Lounge" ... what it made me think of was someone from the Rat Pack entertaining friends at home in his rec room with a little electronic organ for accompaniment.
As I said to Alex, I think of this form as a kind of "outsider art". This isn't something you'd get to see in real life and it's not a super-polished act, it's just that Tiger Song decided to entertain his friends and worked and practised until he was ready to make that happen. So it sounded a little like Michael Bubl√© and a little like Bobby Short and a little like -- I don't know. But it was fun and sincere
and there were a lot of people there enjoying themselves.
     Thanks Tiger! I'll hope to be invited to future performances.  (This took place at Zinaida but I don't think it's useful to give you a SLURL ... if you need one get in touch.)

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