Sunday, 9 November 2014

080: Manshots rebrands to VMale

I'd been following along with an interesting men's SL fashion magazine, Manshots -- I posted at least one brief look at a recent edition earlier this year. Now I learn they've rebranded as VMale; still under the guidance of Angelik Lavecchia.
     This edition has fashion type Mikel Monk on the front cover and an interesting look at St. Leviathan's College, an RP sim that was new to me. Good interviews with Stan Cox of Cox Leathers and Chaz Longstaffe of Blue Balls, purveyors of fine gay sex furniture to a SL location near you. Does that mean there's some very sexy photographs featuring, for instance, Jak Calcutt and his partner Karl Kalchek?  DJ Zann Baxton and his partner Gaius Tripsa? You'll have to see for yourself <wink>. Some good fashion stuff and advertising material that's actually pointers to interesting stores. All things considered, this is worth your time.  You'll find the magazine here.

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