Thursday, 4 December 2014

087: Sneak peek of the "Rococo" show opening this weekend

Ronan Querrien-Mactavish (L), Rusty Redfield (R)
Tonight I had a nice treat; my friend Ronan Querrien-Mactavish invited me to come by and have a tour of his art installation, Rococo, which doesn't open till Saturday. I felt quite privileged! I think it took him about a month to take these interesting photographs and build an entire building to house them in appropriate style. He was kind of funny about it; sort of like what I imagine it
must be like to be about 9-1/2 months pregnant LOL. As he said, he went over it and over it to make sure it was just right -- my kind of OCD.
     It's a beautiful show and the pictures don't do it justice. What I thought was quite telling is that everyone involved gave their time to model for him, and even bought their own costumes in order to become involved. That tells me that
he has an artistic vision that people trust.
     I could go on about what it is and what I thought of it -- but I did interview the artist tonight and so I'll let him speak for himself.  As far as possible, I've tried to present my snapshots chronologically so they follow the narrative.

[17:18] Rusty Redfield: <click> turn on this damn recorder, there we go
[17:18] Rusty Redfield: Okay! I'm here with Ronan Querrien-Mactavish (ronan.mactavish)
[17:18] Ronan Querrien-Mactavish (ronan.mactavish): Gretings :)
[17:18] Rusty Redfield: at his new art exhibit that hasn't even opened yet!!
[17:18] Rusty Redfield: Honestly I feel very privileged, thanks!!
[17:19] Ronan Querrien-Mactavish 
(ronan.mactavish): my pleasure, this is my crunch week.. where I tweak everything before it goes public
[17:19] Rusty Redfield: the name of the exhibit is Rococo, and you and your partner designed the house and grounds as a backdrop for the artwork
[17:19] Rusty Redfield: that would be Larry Mactavish-Querrien
[17:19] Ronan Querrien-Mactavish 
(ronan.mactavish): Yes, it is important to me, aesthetics help provide a feeling for the viewer
[17:20] Rusty Redfield: I agree -- and if my readers were here, they could hear the birds in the background and get the lovely calm feeling of the grounds here
[17:20] Rusty Redfield: now, you were saying just before I turned on the recorder that you sell these artworks in 
order to finance your future work? did I get that right?
[17:21] Ronan Querrien-Mactavish (ronan.mactavish): Sure do.. all proceeds go toward all future projects, I have a few in my mind at the moment, so am hoping this does well, however, am just pleased if others find this visually pleasing also
[17:21] Rusty Redfield: so far so good, 
I'm very impressed! It's like Petit Trianon
[17:22] Rusty Redfield: Perhaps you could show me around a little?
[17:22] Ronan Querrien-Mactavish (ronan.mactavish): lets have a look at some of the work
[17:22] Ronan Querrien-Mactavish (ronan.mactavish): rooms aren't named
[17:22] Rusty Redfield: amazing costumes
[17:23] Ronan Querrien-Mactavish (ronan.mactavish): I designed this to look a little as i may back in the day, larger works
[17:23] Ronan Querrien-Mactavish (ronan.mactavish): it*
[17:23] Rusty Redfield: did you create the clothes as well?
[17:23] Ronan Querrien-Mactavish (ronan.mactavish): like you would see in 
[17:23] Ronan Querrien-Mactavish (ronan.mactavish): no, each of the models bought their outfits
[17:23] Ronan Querrien-Mactavish (ronan.mactavish): they range, would you believe from 1L to 3500L
[17:23] Rusty Redfield: yes, you've got that feeling all right, all the little rooms feeding into each other with no hallways 
- that's exactly what I remember from touring palaces
[17:23] Ronan Querrien-Mactavish (ronan.mactavish): can you tell which? ;)
[17:24] Rusty Redfield: haha well, I've been in SL long enough to know that size is not a predictor of cost
[17:24] Ronan Querrien-Mactavish (ronan.mactavish): it was important to me, the house, walls, costumes .. 
everything be authentic
[17:25] Rusty Redfield: I like the look of this one especially, "Statesman" -- who is the model?
[17:25] Ronan Querrien-Mactavish (ronan.mactavish): that is Ken Slafford, an Irishman
[17:25] Rusty Redfield: I should mention for my readers that I took a picture of a sign outside the house that names all 
the models
[17:26] Rusty Redfield: impressive costuming -- not only this but all the models
[17:26] Rusty Redfield: the details, like the lace cuffs, look perfect, all the textures and buttons and even that you can see hair under the white wigs, that's just perfect
[17:27] Ronan Querrien-Mactavish 
(ronan.mactavish): exactly.. for me it has to look authentic, or it just feels incomplete
[17:27] Ronan Querrien-Mactavish (ronan.mactavish): more upstairs
[17:27] Rusty Redfield: is there more upstairs?
[17:28] Ronan Querrien-Mactavish (ronan.mactavish): the house is fillled :)
[17:28] Rusty Redfield: I'll say there is!! 
[17:28] Ronan Querrien-Mactavish (ronan.mactavish): this is by far my favourite
[17:28] Rusty Redfield: you know, I was just about to ask you if you had a favourite
[17:28] Ronan Querrien-Mactavish (ronan.mactavish): little story behnd this one
[17:28] Rusty Redfield: let's get a shot of you with this beautiful lady in red/orange
[17:29] Rusty Redfield: aha, a story! Let's have the inside scoop LOL
[17:29] Ronan Querrien-Mactavish (ronan.mactavish): we had finished shooting one of the others downstairs, and she was walking to the next shot.. I had to snap.. she looked.. regal
[17:30] Rusty Redfield: isn't that always 
the way, that the best art is made in the least time LOL
[17:30] Ronan Querrien-Mactavish (ronan.mactavish): that is Ello Gracemount-Brown
[17:30] Ronan Querrien-Mactavish (ronan.mactavish): yes.. one of those random moments lol
[17:30] Rusty Redfield: serendipity.  Not that the set-up shots aren't great, mind 
[17:31] Ronan Querrien-Mactavish (ronan.mactavish): she hangs this in her house now lol
[17:31] Rusty Redfield: you know, I think every woman I know in SL would love to see this exhibition, the clothes are so gorgeous
[17:31] Ronan Querrien-Mactavish (ronan.mactavish): yes, my models really 
went all out.. am so grateful, honestly, I could not have done any of this without them
[17:32] Rusty Redfield: but this is why we come here, right?  To have fun together and create things that look great for each other to enjoy
[17:32] Ronan Querrien-Mactavish (ronan.mactavish): for ones like this...
[17:32] Rusty Redfield: and that is one amazing dress!
[17:32] Ronan Querrien-Mactavish (ronan.mactavish): this is Kella Lily... I blur the back, to make her the focal
[17:33] Ronan Querrien-Mactavish (ronan.mactavish): but to give the viewer the idea she is in a garden, without it consuming the pic
[17:33] Rusty Redfield: I understand.
[17:33] Rusty Redfield: Now, I am not very good at talking about art -- is there some theme, or over-riding concept, that ties all the art together?
[17:33] Rusty Redfield: other than it's all Rococo, and from the same period
[17:33] Rusty Redfield: and gorgeous! LOL
[17:34] Rusty Redfield: is there something you're trying to say about anything else?
[17:34] Ronan Querrien-Mactavish (ronan.mactavish): Thank you Rusty .. no, not trying to make any statements, just wanted to glamourize a glamourous period of history.. we rarely see this look in Second Life, I wanted to bring it to life a little
[17:35] Rusty Redfield: So you're focusing on the feeling of glamour
[17:35] Ronan Querrien-Mactavish (ronan.mactavish): Absolutely..
[17:35] Rusty Redfield: and I can tell there's a lot of technical stuff going on in these pictures that I don't understand
[17:35] Rusty Redfield: lots of processing
[17:36] Ronan Querrien-Mactavish (ronan.mactavish): lights and shadows... they only had candles back then.. wanted to try to reflect a little also
[17:36] Rusty Redfield: I'm going to sound like a philistine LOL, but what it makes me think is that these faces, we could see them anywhere in SL -- but if Marie Antoinette had had access to SL, this is what she might be doing
[17:37] Ronan Querrien-Mactavish (ronan.mactavish): lol
[17:37] Rusty Redfield: it's like modern day people and folks from these days have a lot in common
[17:37] Ronan Querrien-Mactavish (ronan.mactavish): their features
[17:37] Ronan Querrien-Mactavish (ronan.mactavish): added to the authenticity
[17:37] Rusty Redfield: well, they certainly appreciate a very detailed costume that is nothing like they'd wear in RL
[17:38] Rusty Redfield: I can imagine some of this stuff must have taken HOURS to fit
[17:38] Rusty Redfield: you owe your models a glass of wine ROFL
[17:38] Ronan Querrien-Mactavish (ronan.mactavish): I owe them everything
[17:38] Ronan Querrien-Mactavish (ronan.mactavish): they were amazing.. some had to come back for re-dos
[17:38] Rusty Redfield: and you said I'd have a chance to meet some of them, which would be very fun --
[17:38] Rusty Redfield: to get a backstage look at what it's like to work on a project like this
[17:39] Ronan Querrien-Mactavish (ronan.mactavish): I look forward t you speaking with them.. I told them to only talk nice of me of course :P
[17:39] Rusty Redfield: hahahaha, I'll dig up all the dirt
[17:40] Ronan Querrien-Mactavish (ronan.mactavish): I hope so
[17:40] Ronan Querrien-Mactavish (ronan.mactavish): lol
[17:40] Rusty Redfield: <grin> that'll get them in the doors <laughing>
[17:40] Rusty Redfield: okay, I've been trying to imagine in the background why one of these beautiful works would be L$1
[17:40] Rusty Redfield: what's the difference?
[17:41] Ronan Querrien-Mactavish (ronan.mactavish): not the works.. the costume
[17:41] Rusty Redfield: ohhhhhhh
[17:41] Ronan Querrien-Mactavish (ronan.mactavish): I can spot 2 that cost 1L
[17:41] Rusty Redfield: OIC
[17:41] Rusty Redfield: <grin> let's keep that a secret and let the designers benefit from people looking on marketplace
[17:41] Ronan Querrien-Mactavish (ronan.mactavish): definately
[17:42] Ronan Querrien-Mactavish (ronan.mactavish): and besides.. they all look a million bucks
[17:42] Rusty Redfield: I must admit I don't own any costumes like this, but it sure makes me want to get one
[17:42] Rusty Redfield: Now, I need some details -- when does the exhibition start, and how do people find it?
[17:42] Ronan Querrien-Mactavish (ronan.mactavish): a nice Victorian gown for you Rusty?
[17:42] Rusty Redfield: are there any events associated with the opening?
[17:43] Rusty Redfield: <laughing> you'd probably be surprised!! The hair looks pretty groovy too
[17:43] Ronan Querrien-Mactavish (ronan.mactavish): lol
[17:43] Rusty Redfield: If I had a figure like this lady, I'd be showing it off in these clothes, believe me
[17:43] Ronan Querrien-Mactavish (ronan.mactavish): This exhibit opens Sat, Dec 6.. I open it when I login in the morning .. and no, I never really plan Grand Openings... just announce and off we go
[17:44] Rusty Redfield: and I'll leave a space here so I can add the SLURL to the article
[17:44] Ronan Querrien-Mactavish (ronan.mactavish): now you've seen it :)
[17:44] Ronan Querrien-Mactavish (ronan.mactavish): will be running for the month of December
[17:45] Rusty Redfield: ah well, my readers all know I'm a terrible photographer, this is like bringing a polaroid camera to an exquisitely detailed work of art -- if you like these pictures, believe me, you'll want to see this for yourself
[17:45] Rusty Redfield: So, Ronan, thanks so much for giving me a sneak peek -- will anything much change between now and Saturday?
[17:46] Ronan Querrien-Mactavish (ronan.mactavish): no, I have tweaked the be-geezus out of it already ... is all complete
[17:46] Rusty Redfield: gotcha.  Well, I deliberately didn't photograph ALL the pictures, so there is plenty to see that I haven't shown people
[17:47] Rusty Redfield: so thanks for your time in showing me around, and I'm going to recommend right now that people take some time on Saturday, or some time in December, and check this out!
[17:47] Rusty Redfield: any final comments, Ronan?
[17:47] Rusty Redfield: go ahead, we love philosophy <grin>
[17:48] Ronan Querrien-Mactavish (ronan.mactavish): I appreciate that Rusty .. and thank you for coming :)  .. final words.... Art is the minds voice for lips that cannot speak it
[17:48] Rusty Redfield: wow! Thanks -- that actually is a way to understand why you do this ... I'm a word guy, but it's pretty clear you are a visual guy!

[17:49] Rusty Redfield: Thanks again.  Now, where the hell is that <click>

The guided tour was definitely a fun way to experience the art, but I think just wandering around the bijou little house would be a good way too.  

While we were there, Kella Lily -- one of the models mentioned above -- arrived and I had the pleasure of interviewing her and taking a bunch of pictures as well. It's a bit much for one post so I've split her material off until tomorrow.  This is one smokin' looking lady, the pictures are going to be, like, whoa, and she tells funny behind the scenes stories. Stay tuned.  

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