Friday, 7 November 2014

077: Lledge Eames sits on my deck

I've been pestering Lledge Eames for an interview for a while now and he is a busy guy, so it's taken a while. But I finally managed to pin down this busy guy for a few minutes of interview with my standard questions. He's got a hypnotic charm that you're really only going to see in the pictures, and I'm not sure I've captured it, but he's a very magnetic guy and I hope that comes 
through. I enjoyed our chat and I think you might also.

[16:14] Rusty Redfield: <fumbles with his tape recorder> this button here.  <click> There.  Okay.  We're recordling
[16:15] Rusty Redfield: Welcome! I'm here with Lledge Eames.  I have seen Lledge around the clubs but only met him when he got involved with Second 
Pride's volunteers.
[16:15] Rusty Redfield: And he very kindly agreed to an interview. Welcome Lledge!
[16:16] LLedge Eames (lledge.eames): Thanks <smile> and thanks for asking me
[16:16] Rusty Redfield: my pleasure!
[16:16] Rusty Redfield: if you don't mind then I'll get right into it -- I know you 
have other appointments today and I appreciate your squeezing this in!
[16:16] Rusty Redfield: 1.  Why do you stay in Second Life?  What keeps you here?
[16:16] Rusty Redfield: just six questions and that was #1.
[16:18] LLedge Eames (lledge.eames): Let see, I'd say both my friends and family keep me here, as well as the 
inherent creative outlets that SL provides.
[16:18] Rusty Redfield: the tools and the people
[16:20] LLedge Eames (lledge.eames): pretty much, where else can  you be expose to people and experiences that you would ordinarily not be able too.
[16:20] Rusty Redfield: yes indeed.  I've done some amazing things here that 
would be impossible in the real world
[16:20] Rusty Redfield: and people from -- everywhere.
[16:21] LLedge Eames (lledge.eames): global exposure
[16:21] LLedge Eames (lledge.eames): <grin>
[16:21] Rusty Redfield: and talking about people, that segues nicely into question #2
[16:21] Rusty Redfield: 2. What are the qualities that attract you to people in Second Life?
[16:22] LLedge Eames (lledge.eames): hmmmm, well I think that would be true in any realm .... friendly, creative, warm hearted, sense of humor
[16:23] Rusty Redfield: <grin> I think so too.  But some people seem to think it's about being on the best-dressed list 
[16:23] Rusty Redfield: admittedly that's something to be admired, it's hard work to look good even here, but ... I'd rather have friends
[16:25] LLedge Eames (lledge.eames): very true - both take plenty of hard work <wink> but I'd rather work on the friendship those are more dynamic
[16:26] Rusty Redfield: it's a very 
rewarding aspect of being here, or at least potentially so.  So it's worth putting in the work ...
[16:26] Rusty Redfield: now -- for the next part, I encourage you to blow your own horn
[16:26] Rusty Redfield: so talk about anythign you like, perhaps Second Pride, but you have other enterprises too, I think
[16:26] Rusty Redfield: 3. What are you working on, as a form of artistic expression or in order to earn money, or both?
[16:29] LLedge Eames (lledge.eames): besides like most of us, we all like to dabble with the (as I call them) sl legos and create spaces to inhabit.  My husband and I have a couple sims we occupy and maintain for a small rp 
community.  But my passion
[16:29] LLedge Eames (lledge.eames): My passion is my music and djing / mixing
[16:29] Rusty Redfield: interesting!
[16:29] Rusty Redfield: Can we know what the RP community is?
[16:32] LLedge Eames (lledge.eames): Not sure I can define it, it's grown over the years to have a life of its own, its 
own culture as it were.  Needless to say, your imagination is the only limitation.  But most of all its family and friends.
[16:33] Rusty Redfield: that sounds fascinating.
[16:33] Rusty Redfield: and I imagine you DJ in connection with that space and others?
[16:34] LLedge Eames (lledge.eames): I'll have to give you a tour sometime, but 
honestly I cant say I have done it all on my own, it is a community, they all contribute.
(Next morning: Lledge asked me to add that the community's name is Raven's Claw, and more information is found here.)
[16:35] LLedge Eames (lledge.eames): I do a little but mostly I connect outside of that with the SL GLBT community with my music.
[16:35] Rusty Redfield: that's a context in which I've seen you at the Second Pride celebrations, I think
[16:37] LLedge Eames (lledge.eames): SL provided me a connection that I dont have anymore.  And yes, thats where you have run into me <smiles> either mixing music or Event directing recently.
[16:38] Rusty Redfield: and tell me your exact title.  I'm so bad on details -- you're on the Board of Directors of Second Pride and you are in the area of Events, kind of like an event producer?
[16:38] Rusty Redfield: I'm sure I have this all wrong but -- you can tell me what you're doing better than I can guess
[16:39] LLedge Eames (lledge.eames): No you have it right, I am this years Event Director for Second  Pride
[16:40] Rusty Redfield: <wipes brow in relief> Oh good the research paid off ROFL
[16:40] LLedge Eames (lledge.eames): <chuckle>
[16:40] Rusty Redfield: That's quite a responsibility, are you finding it a lot of work?
[16:41] LLedge Eames (lledge.eames): Yes but its a lot of fun as well, so that makes up for it.
[16:41] Rusty Redfield: I know, right? I know some of the board and I bet those meetings are FUN! LOL
[16:42] Rusty Redfield: well, I'll do what I can to keep people posted about upcoming Second Pride events.  I liked Hallowe'en -- or as I like to call it, Gay Christmas ROFL
[16:45] LLedge Eames (lledge.eames): I'm glad you enjoyed it.  It was a lot of fun putting it together.  We had some really great diverse performers from across the grid.  Where else can you here live rock&roll, swing, jazz and house in an evening, and thats was just one day of a week of events.
[16:45] Rusty Redfield: yes, and I loved the haunted house, and fun house -- that was so much fun!
[16:46] Rusty Redfield: great performers AND some great builds on the sim.
[16:46] Rusty Redfield: is it still there for people to look at?
[16:47] LLedge Eames (lledge.eames): No unfortunately we took it down.  And yes that was a great build.  Jak and Marge did some wonderful work decking the place out like that.
[16:47] Rusty Redfield: yeah, amazing stuff.  It's in my blog, and I bet they'll outdo it next year!
[16:47] Rusty Redfield: But -- got to move forward.  My next question is for my newbie readers
[16:47] Rusty Redfield: 4. If you could give advice to your earlier self in the first month that you spent in Second Life, what would you say?
[16:49] LLedge Eames (lledge.eames): Hmmmm, slow down and dont try to do it all at once.   There is so much to learn and you have to have patience.  Its a learning curve but once you get it, you'll be sailing smooth.
[16:49] Rusty Redfield: see, that's good advice.
[16:49] Rusty Redfield: yes, just take a breath, in a little while it will be second nature
[16:49] Rusty Redfield: we ALL fall off the staircase ROFL
[16:50] LLedge Eames (lledge.eames): <chuckle>
[16:50] Rusty Redfield: now, the next question is also for the benefit of newbies, in a way --
[16:50] Rusty Redfield: 5. What do you like most about the way that your avatar looks?
[16:51] LLedge Eames (lledge.eames): oh thats easy, it looks mostly like me and a reflection of who I am
[16:51] Rusty Redfield: there you go
[16:51] Rusty Redfield: I am told that newbies like to hear the answer to that because it helps them decide what to do -- and "looking like yourself" is a good thing
[16:52] Rusty Redfield: then the last question --
[16:52] Rusty Redfield: 6. What’s your favourite place to spend time in Second Life?
[16:52] Rusty Redfield: This is my sneaky way of getting tips for interesting places to visit! LOL
[16:54] LLedge Eames (lledge.eames): ohhh hmmm, I think that changes, Id say like most I like exploring or finding new places to show people ... but Id have to say the best places are the ones you explore with friends and family
[16:54] Rusty Redfield: oh, good point! yes, it's fun to go places in SL, but it's even more fun to take someone along.
[16:55] Rusty Redfield: let's face it, the Destination Guide is actually a pretty good way to find places to check out -- it's not so much finding places as maybe arranging with someone to check them out together.
[16:55] LLedge Eames (lledge.eames): but I did have one favorite place that is no longer available, the pools of Apollos use to be my quiet place to hang out
[16:55] Rusty Redfield: ah yes.  I have a kind of meditation place that I don't tell people too <wink>
[16:55] Rusty Redfield: these days it's my hot tub! ROFL
[16:56] LLedge Eames (lledge.eames): if it works, its all good
[16:56] Rusty Redfield: but listen, Lledge, I know you're tight for time -- you've done all my questions, and I want to offer you the chance to say anything you want -- philosophy, applause, whatever, it's all good
[16:56] Rusty Redfield: What's on your mind in Second Life these days?
[16:57] LLedge Eames (lledge.eames): Finding the next adventure <wink>
[16:57] Rusty Redfield: Perfect!
[16:57] Rusty Redfield: (me too!)
[16:57] Rusty Redfield: then we're done ... thanks again! Let me just shut this <click>

Lledge had to run but if there's anything further he wants to add, I'll give him the opportunity at a later time.  

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