Saturday, 7 February 2015

110: The Celebration of Life for Avacar Bluestar

Ricogenu Bluestar
Today marked the Celebration of Life for Avacar Bluestar, hosted at the Greymyst Estates, and broadcast over SL Radio. SLebrity blogger Ryce Skytower-Aquila and Avacar's widower Ricogenu Bluestar also shared hosting and production duties. It started with a concert by singer Phemie Alcott (which unfortunately I had to miss due to RL commitments) and then
Evan Greymyst
a two-hour dance party with DJ Thorn Andel and host Esme Capelo.
   I've been looking forward to this event for a couple of days and I wasn't disappointed. Ryce Skytower told me that they had raised more than L$60,000 for the American Heart Association, which is a real achievement; congratulations to all concerned, including the donors. Evan 
DJ Thorn Andel
Greymyst and Izzy Greymyst supported this effort in more than one way too, and I'm sure Phemie Alcott did as well. I know they would all join me in thanking everyone who attended in such a good cause.
   Avacar was such a popular guy -- I tried to take pictures as fast as I could, but I'm sure there were people who popped in and out without my having
Ryce Skytower-Aquila & Benja Aquila-Skytower
time to document it. My apologies. It was a fairly large crowd of people who were there to have a good time in order to celebrate Avacar's life. It was a little eerie for me, who never met the gentleman, to hear his voice over SL Radio. I really enjoyed the set by Thorn Andel; it was cheerful and bouncy dance music, what I call personally "housework energy music". Just the
(L-R) Mas Dawg [Mason Thibodeaux],
Rusty Redfield, host Esme Capelo, Guyke Lundquist
thing for a group of friends who were a little sad but all knew that most of all Avacar would have wanted them to have a good time.
   If you'd care to make a donation to the American Heart Association on behalf of Avacar or for any other reason, you'll find them at

   Name-checking the guests I saw:
Kwaj [kwajkid]
Mas Dawg [Mason Thibodeaux], Guyke Lundquist, Kwaj, Garrett Smith and Kahvy Smith, Veran Aquilarius Fortis [Veranaquilarius], AJ Wrightsmith [AaronJames24], Benja Aquila-Skytower, Khar [Kharissa Indigo], the irrepressibly cheerful Jack Jayaram, Astanias Jayaram, Deepert, BJ [bjornzee], my friend Crito Galtier of Terra Lascivus, Asharr 
Garrett Smith, Kahvy Smith
Antonius [asharr], Master Bill Daddy Bear [hotguy59] and his new spouse MoreLuvin4U, Reiki [Celtico], Uncle Vaan [Vaan.Artis], Prosper Telling, Jono [Jonoes], Marcury [Marcury.Jie], Greg [Gregoire.Ducatillion], Kyle Lambert [KyleKC], Tiffany Maverick [Tifax3foxy], Tech B. Berlin [toxic.xaris], Mike [Ralvek.boy], La Zia Lety [luna.oskar], and InsyX Piranha. Not
Veran Aquilarius Fortis [veranaquilarius]
Uncle Vaan [vaan.artis]
The late Avacar Bluestar
I'm sorry to have missed Phemie Alcott's concert
Rusty Redfield
Prosper Telling
Jono [Jonoes]
Marcury [Marcury.Jie]
Greg [gregoire ducatillion] (R)
Kyle Lambert [KyleKC] (L)
Tiffany Maverick [Tifax3foxy]
Tech B. Merlin [toxic.xaris]
Mike [ralvek.boy]
La Zia Lety [luna.oskar]
InsyX Piranha
even counting the people I missed in the concert in the first hour. Well done everyone!
AJ Wrightsmith [aaronjames24]
(L/R) Izzy Greymyst, Khar,
Jack Jayaram, Astanias Jayaram
Izzy Greymyst (R)
BJ (Bjornzee)
Crito Galtier
Asharr Antonius [asharr]
Master Bill Daddy Bear [hotguy59]
Reiki [Celtico]
DJ Thorn Andel & Esme Capelo


  1. Nice to see photos from this event. I planed to attend, but RL would not let go. Thanks. I will post a link to this post

  2. Thanks Carl! Sorry to have missed you, but RL does come first.

  3. Great Photography! Thanks for attending the event Rusty and taking these great photographs. I am publishing a link to your blog post.

  4. My pleasure Eddi, and thanks for the link.