Tuesday, 3 February 2015

106: Avi Choice Awards nominees

Recently I was urging my friends to look into nominating their favourites in a couple of awards categories of the 2015 Avi Choice Awards. I wish I'd been a little more forceful, or perhaps done an encouraging blog post, because I didn't quite realize that three nominations were necessary to get onto the ballot. I sent in a fairly full slate of nominations myself, but most of them don't seem to have made it through the screening process.
Cupric Router
     But now that the nominations are out, I encourage everyone to go and vote here. And in a shameless attempt to influence your vote ;-), I'll tell you that the names below are friends of mine, people I think are doing a good job -- and for some of whom I was one of the nominators. I've interviewed some of these folks and I'll link to what I can give you from their names below.

Holtwaye Gallery (Tea Party, Oct. 2014)
Favourite SL Radio Station: Radio Mosaic -- Cupric Router
Favourite Machinima Production: The Shorter Path -- Edward Nussbaum
Favourite SL Videographer: Boris Twist
Favourite Female Performer:  Samm Qendra (Okay, if you read my blog, you know I just heard her for the first time
Boris Twist
last weekend. But she's really good, and she's my favourite so far!)
Favourite DJ: Cupric Router (There are 56 nominees in this category!)
Favourite Art Gallery: Holtwaye Gallery (WayneNZ Resident and Holter Resident)
Favourite Photographer/Studio: Kellalily Resident

So, go to this link and vote for whomever you think deserves it.

Kella Lily
It has certainly occurred to me that someone like me who is interested in new and interesting experiences in SL could do worse than see if I could experience the efforts of these Residents in the next year. Frankly, I'm not absolutely sure what a "Particle artist/Performer" does, but I think I'd like to find out, because there are at least eight good ones whose work I can go
Samm Qendra
and experience. It would probably be worthwhile to go and see what these 56 DJs have to offer -- and all the experiences in SL like jazz clubs and dance performances that I've never sought out.
Joe Nussbaum [Edward Nussbaum]


  1. I need to be direct here and say that after following the nominations and election process of the AVI Choice Awards I am unconvinced of the objectivity and processes involved. I am not going to vote.

  2. I always appreciate directness, Eddi, thanks. My own curiosity was raised with the categories; why is there "jazz club' but not "LGBT club"? Perhaps we'll talk about this privately. I don't know enough about the nominations and election process to comment, beyond what I saw when I made nominations.

  3. Great comments. Honest is how we should be.

  4. Thank you, Eddi Haskell, for drawing my attention to this matter. I went back and read through everything available on the website of the Avi Choice Awards and was very surprised to find the material at this page: http://avichoiceawards.com/about/17719-2/. It seems clear that people who are themselves eligible for nomination get recompensed to "weed out nominee's" [sic] and eliminate them or move nominations to other categories. Although I think the people who thought this up are acting in good faith, it seems as though the path is fraught with opportunities for improperly affecting the fairness of the process, and I agree with Eddi that I am now "unconvinced of the objectivity and processes involved". The easiest way towards objectivity would be for consultants to become ineligible.

  5. Your welcome Rusty -- but we always have to keep in mind never to take these contests that seriously, especially when they may be part of a for-profit business concern. I actually see nothing wrong with a magazine or other in Second Life giving "editor's choice" awards or similar things. My main concern with Second Life contests are those that are pay-to-vote, and those that appear to be open and impartial when in fact they are not.