Friday, 27 February 2015

117: Friday night at Funkytown

Every once in a while you just have to put on your grooviest outfit and go shake your cakes! Thanks to the dynamic DJ duo of Cupric Router and Hotboy Lockjaw at their new Funkytown venue -- a good time was had by all.
DJ Cupric Router

Rusty Redfield

DJ Hotboy Lockjaw

Garrett Smith

Kahvy Smith

Austin [kaskia]

LP Kidd

Mikey [mikeadam] (in front of) Miles [mile high maximus]

Miles (L) / Arnold S [cowboybear48] (R)

Donovan Bohemian

Tibor Milasevic

Miles (L) / Arnold S (R)

Rusty Redfield

The Funkytown gang

Buck Mischief

Marly Moon

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