Saturday, 7 February 2015

109: A blogger's work is never done

Everyone who writes knows that you don't write only when you feel like it -- when you're on deadline, sometimes you have to just sit in front of the keyboard and get your job done. But when you're doing something that is in the beginning stages, drafting it out, sometimes everything just grinds to a halt. Then you walk around your office or slump in a chair until inspiration strikes. 
   The Deadwool suit (called The Dandy) I'm wearing has been all over the SL blogosphere in the last few days; everyone likes it and it's easy to see why. The design is great, kind of a cross between a 60s Mod and Quentin Tarentino's Reservoir Dogs. And speaking as someone who's had to wear a suit for long hours, yes, that's how your suit wrinkles and that's where it wrinkles;
this is a beautifully observed piece of work. It comes in two pieces, jacket and slacks, and with a HUD for the tie and pocket square colours, etc.
   In the days before I discovered this suit, I'd been thinking about getting a suit for "everyday" (or, in the inventory scheme I talked about a while back, "004 Business Suit"). Then this one was front and centre in about six men's fashion
blogs I follow, and I knew I had to check out the store. I was very pleasantly surprised. Often, I find that purveyors of men's clothing in SL try to be all things to all men, selling a range from business suits to jockstraps, penises to eyelashes. Nothing against this, and it makes their stores convenient, but it's not likely that a designer will have the same level of natural affinity for that range of products.
   This designer, however, has a tiny store -- and I mean a tiny store, I think it would fit on a 1024 lot. It's two rooms. One has 15 or 20 items of clothing; the suit, two pairs of shoes, a couple of jackets, and the other room has what seems to be role-play clothing for an Old West sim. Somehow I find this comforting; it makes me think that this is a designer who designs only what he's
good at. And I had the interesting and somewhat unusual response that I bought half the store. I like the way these pieces work together; the glasses I'm wearing here are from the same store and were L$75 from a gacha. And the shoes are this designer's take on black Doc Marten oxfords, which I wear in real life and have so far in SL been disappointed not to find made to suit me.
   Here's your SLURL for Deadwood; you may see me there, because my boyfriend Alex likes the suit too, and I keep thinking about this interesting 3/4 length shearling coat, in light brown ... And here's a link to the Marketplace store.

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