Saturday, 31 January 2015

105: Live concert and Masked Ball at Holtwaye Art Space

Waiting to begin
Since this Masked Ball was postponed from late last month, my anticipation has been building and building ... and I wasn't disappointed. We had a delightful live concert from singer Samm Qendra and everyone showed up in their nicest masks and outfits.
Wayne Allan (WayneNZ), one of our hosts
     I actually crashed SIX TIMES to get these pictures -- so I have to apologize, because I know there are some people who were there, and looking gorgeous, for whom I just couldn't swivel the camera around in time.
     The Holtwaye Art Space is a beautiful, and HUGE space, with all kinds of art exhibitions all the time. My friends Wayne Allan and Holter Rez have done a great job in creating a space where art can be viewed -- drop by the gallery (here's your SLURL) and check it out!

Mikey (MikeAdam) & RickJ Ewing
(L-R) Hotboy Lockjaw, Stallion Pizzaro, Gerard Reinoir, Hunter
JJ Goodman, the event's official photographer
Rusty Redfield (foreground) & Alex Thaub
(L-R) Penfold Halsey & Echo Lilliehook
Brent Jovanni
Bart (Bartboon)
The amazing Samm Qendra
Samm Qendra in full voice
Fordis Flores
Jack Jayaram & Astanias Jayaram
Jack Jayaram & Astanias Jayaram
BM Oh (in green)
Wolfred K. Geering

Fool Botha


The Mas Dawg (Mason Thibodeaux)
JoeCoool & Mirenya

JoeCoool & Mirenya


Aarcadian Cambric

Holter Rez, our other host

Captain Sir Walter Gedenspire

Sir Walter & Jodie (Jody Whittman)

Sangi Phaeton

A glimpse I got of the beautiful PuPi (Pupila Bexante)
before she pooled

Forming up for a group shot: I'm in front but couldn't
take notes fast enough to identify the rest, sorry folks

The SLelfie that broke the Internet LOL

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