Saturday, 10 January 2015

098: Sim opening party at Chilipepper/Club Insomnia

Well-known DJ Sasch Petrov and his partner Mark Petrov have opened their remodelled and revamped Chilipepper sim and today threw a four-hour party at Club Insomnia to mark the occasion. I'm sure they'll be announcing future events in a number of ways but if you need a ride, the SLURL is here.
     For the four-hour party this afternoon, they had four DJs doing one-hour shifts:
DJ Sarco, DJ Sasch himself, my friend DJ Hotboy B. Lockjaw, and DJ Arcy. (The host was Miguel and the dancer on the pole was Vinny.) I was there for hour three and, if my experience translates into what's going to happen regularly there, this is going to be a very popular party place. There seemed to be people from a lot of different backgrounds there, which is always a good sign; a nicely
mixed crowd ensures that people meet other people who are outside their usual orbit.
     DJ Hottie gave us his usual bumping set and I think everyone was having a good time. I just hope I managed to get pictures of everyone, there was a LOT of people there!

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