Saturday, 24 January 2015

101: Happy 6th anniversary, Ohiomike and Hottie B. Lockjaw!

I just got in from a great party -- well, it's guaranteed to be a good party when the DJ is also celebrating. Today it was the 6th anniversary of Ohiomike Lockjaw (whose kilt store is quite simply the best place in SL to get a kilt, here's the Marketplace link) and SLebrity DJ Hotboy B. Lockjaw ... I seem to talk about Hottie a lot but damn, I like his music and he and Cupric Router know
how to throw a fun party. So many people have enjoyed themselves at Hottie's events over the years that I was expecting a very crowded party and was still surprised at how busy it was. Perhaps not quite at the stage of "one crashes out and two pop in to take his place", but still very busy and surprisingly unlagged.  It was held at 350 Fahrenheit ... a nice sized room for a party.
     I've been having problems with the number of tags I attach to blog posts so I'm just going to namecheck everyone here.  I know, okay, it's lazy journalism but I'm never going to be the Anderson Cooper of my generation or anything ;-)  
     So who was there?  Mistico Bayard and Rusty Bloom ... if I was Perez Hilton I might call them "socialites" --
their extremely handsome selves are everywhere these days, so much so that I call him Handsome Rusty to distinguish him from Canuck Rusty ... Cathy Ghost-Gale, Lars Kas, Woody Verwood and Zander Verwood, my fave hostess Kharissa Indigo, Harden Underwood and B.J. Floyd bringing the porn star looks goodness, the gorgeous PuPi (who can change outfits faster
than Janice Dickinson on coke, and often does), Jack Jayaram, Levi Ewing, RickJ Ewing, Silvana Whitfield, my recently-married friends Kahvy Smith and Garrett Smith, PRo9ers, Doug Feden, Bart Boon, and my friend and blogging role-model Ziggy Starsmith. If I missed name checking you, well, I was a little late to the party and my apologies; I missed the first hour.
     I think everyone would wish Ohiomike and Hottie a lifetime of happiness and this is just the first six years!


  1. A wonderful party for a wonderful couple. Thank you Rusty for great pics and kind words and omg you caught me with my dark wig on hahahaha ;-)

    1. Too late, I have the negatives LOL. Great party and great to see you there!