Saturday, 31 January 2015

104: Halfway to Second Pride, at Collective

Hard to believe that we're at the halfway point of the year as far as the countdown to Second Pride is concerned ... how time flies when you're having virtual fun! Jerrod Rodenberger is in charge of Collective, the science-fiction companion club to steampunk venue Engine, and last night put on a party to celebrate that halfway point. I think this kind of party keeps people's minds on
what a great celebration Second Pride always is for LGBT SL residents, and thanks to Jerrod for putting it on.  A good idea in a good cause.
     There were lots of people there and I'm hoping that Second Pride collected a lot of donations. I saw DJ Ez (Ezzie Mirabella), who's not only a well-known DJ but the Chair of Second Pride, in attendance. Ezzie always seems to
make time for these Pride-related events, even though he's terrifically busy -- thanks Ezzie! Also in attendance was my fellow blogger NakedCarl Paneer, whose blog is here (and who will probably have his own report!), and my handsome boyfriend Alex Thaub, who despite the persistent attentions of a couple of horn dogs is not on the market -- sorry, boys!
     I had to leave before I found out who "Best in Sports Kit" was -- there were a lot of hot candidates! A fun party, good music and a visually interesting venue. Should continue to be a popular place to dance!

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