Monday, 22 September 2014

062: Group gift from Blue Balls

As you know, I don't ordinarily blog about clothes and furniture and stuff, but every once in a while something comes along that inspires me. Today's nice thing was a group gift from Blue Balls, just in time for the fall -- a stack of hay bales, a few pumpkins and a nice cuddle rug laid out in front. The boyfriend (Alex Thaub) was around, and curious, and one thing led to another ... thanks for modelling, Alex!
The animations are just enough to give you an enjoyable half hour testing them out and perhaps taking some pictures. Blue Balls, in my experience, has good original animations that are made for M/M couples. (I always distinguish the ones that aren't because when you're standing and hugging your boyfriend, one of your legs bends backwards at the knee. Not really masculine.)
Alex and I had a fun time testing it all out; the hay bales will even provide you with a tray and a couple of cups of cocoa. Very nice indeed and just in time for the first day of fall. Thanks, Blue Balls!

24 hours later: It occurred to me that I should come back and include information for how to reach
Blue Balls, whose principal is Chaz Longstaff (I've mentioned him before in a different context here). The Marketplace store for Blue Balls products can be found here: I have a bunch of their sex furniture and it is damn good stuff at a competitive price point. You have to be on their mailing list in order to get the group gift, but I hope it will be seen as a good thing if I make it easy for
you to do that. Merely use this SLURL; it puts you in front of the group gift itself, but you won't be able to "buy it for L$1" yet (you get your L$1 back immediately, as is common). Walk away from the group gift and into the building behind you; there's a desk near the front entrance where, to the left of a free animation for the currently memetic "ice bucket challenge", you'll find a place to
join the "Mailing list" at ankle level. Join, and then I think you'll be able to get the gift (act fast!).  And honestly, you get cool stuff like this for free every once in a while, and information about new stuff ... what's not to like?

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