Friday, 19 September 2014

060: Dancing at Rumpus

So after my visit to Innsmouth, where I scared myself thoroughly (see my previous post), I needed some company and some good dance music -- and found myself at Rumpus for their regular Thursday night party. Last night's theme was best in black. That's me in my little black shirt; I've either been working out more than usual or I shrunk it in the wash. Oh well, it was the only black shirt
I could find at short notice ...
Rumpus is owned and steered by Jackhammer Rod Jackson [prowlrshardbody Resident]; if you haven't seen it, he's combined a dance club with a wrestling club and created a very popular location. In the backgrounds of the pictures I took of happy dancers last night, you can see the wrestling rings, locker rooms ...
rumour has it that the penalties for losing a match can be very onerous indeed. But that's for another visit.
Last night was devoted to dancing to a set provided by DJ Scary Jester, who's been DJing for quite a while now and always lays down a smooth set of fast house. The dancing pole was managed by Randy Wantmore, who DJs himself in other locations that I've seen, and
hosting was split between Rod Jackson himself, who was there for a while last night, and Fritz Stoneshield.
Rumpus offers two very, very popular parties each week; Thursdays 7 to 9 PM SLT, with DJ Scary Jester, and Sundays 6 to 8 PM SLT, with DJing by my neighbour and friend Karl Kalchek. Try it out next Sunday. That is one busy party.
It seems like all the best looking muscle
guys go to Rumpus! You can make your own mind up from the pictures ... might see you Sunday!

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