Wednesday, 3 September 2014

054: Dancing at Silverpine Forest

Kurt Vonnegut said that "Strange travel directions are dancing lessons from God," and so when I got an invitation from my old friend Johann Brakkus [musclefight] to come to dance to some good house music, I thought, "Why not?" Glad I did.
I didn't spend a long time at Silverpine Forest (SLURL here), but enough to know that Johann was right about the music; DJ Antonio Toocool was putting it down proper, as a friend of mine says, and all I did was take a lot of pictures and dance, dance, dance.
I understand that the sim in which the club is contained may have something to do with Lycans, and the club might be managed by a handsome chap named Weylin Vale -- but I was enjoying myself too much to go into my usual Nancy Drew routine. Not meaning to be disrespectful to the wolves by revealing their cool hangout, but it did seem as though pack and non-pack were meshing well. I expect that outside the dance club might be a different story; don't go for random walks. Lots of nice looking avs, interesting club -- kind of like the ground floor of an office building, and I like repurposed spaces.
I just fired off a bunch of snapshots and here they are! Check it out next Wednesday 8-10, and possibly other times as well.

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