Thursday, 18 September 2014

059: Walking around Innsmouth

In my time in RL I've read a bunch of the work of H. P. Lovecraft and enjoyed it; Lovecraft had a way with pulpy horror that lifted it above his fellows, and the Cthulhu mythos will survive for a long time, I bet.
Cthulhu and the Elder Gods from beyond time and space have their own little corner in Second Life, an abandoned and eerie town called Innsmouth,
somewhere in Cape Cod, where aeons ago it is rumoured that the Elder Gods were exiled. I can tell you it's certainly a frightening place and so far in Second Life the place that's most effectively given me the creeps. That's why I have that scared look on my face in all these pictures; the build is effective and really good at giving you the creeps in a very Lovecraftian way. There's not much you
can point to, but a very effective air like all the people in the vicinity left quickly -- or were snatched up by gigantic tentacles.  I had a lot of fun taking pictures there and I bet you would enjoy visiting it.
I wanted to get this up quickly because there are two things happening with Innsmouth. One is that its creator, Darmin Darkes, just can't keep it going
and has offered it to the community that RPs there, and to Second Life at large. I just went and dropped some Lindens in the box; I think this is a good idea and Innsmouth is worth keeping.
The second reason is that tonight -- right now -- Thursday, September 18, 2014, at 7:30 PM SLT, they are having a public meeting at Innsmouth Opera House to
discuss plans and fundraising.  If you want input, this is a good place and time (and there will be plenty of people around so you will be relatively safe if tentacles appear from the ceiling and start taking people into other dimensions). If you
want input but you have read this after the meeting -- a nice gentleman named
Arik Metzger [arikthered Resident] was on hand at the landing point, complete with rustic fisherman persona and sandwich board, to answer my questions and indicated that he would answer yours.  His photo is here so you will recognize him. And here is the SLURL to Innsmouth, where he'll be located or some other greeter, I'm fairly sure -- he should be able to give you a TP to the
Opera House.  Innsmouth itself is easy to search in-world and I think it's even in the SL Destination Guide.
Go have a look at the place and get yourself in the mood for Hallowe'en! And if you're at all an aficionado of Lovecraft, you will enjoy the hell out of this place, the atmosphere is just right and it's always like something is making a tiny rustling noise just around the corner ... Please give them some financial support if you can spare it.
P.S.: I should have mentioned that I was alerted to this situation today by a fellow member of the SL blogosphere, Ciaran Laval, whose blog is here. He said it first and best.

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