Wednesday, 30 July 2014

046: Kharissa Indigo sits on my deck

I've seen Kharissa Indigo -- Khar to her many friends -- numerous times on Thursdays at the Cock on the Dock event with Karl Kalchek and Jak Calcutt DJing. It seemed like every time I was at Second Pride dancing this summer, she was right there hosting and making people feel comfortable. I've been wanting to sit down with her for quite a while and do an interview and -- tonight was the night!

[17:22] Rusty Redfield: *click* Okay! I'm here with Khar -- Kharissa Indigo
[17:22] Rusty Redfield: Welcome to my deck!
[17:22] Khar (kharissa.indigo): Thank you for having me
[17:23] Rusty Redfield: my pleasure! Well, I saw you at Second Pride every single time I went dancing there, and I thought, "That lady works HARD, let's talk to her about it!"
[17:23] Rusty Redfield: you were the -- what was the title?
[17:23] Khar (kharissa.indigo): Second Pride Events Director
[17:24] Rusty Redfield: there you go.  And I'll say it again, thanks for all your hard work to help everybody enjoy themselves.  Much appreciated!!
[17:24] Khar (kharissa.indigo): it really was my pleasure
[17:24] Rusty Redfield: ours too, believe me.  Okay -- my usual six questions ...
[17:24] Rusty Redfield: 1. Why do you stay in Second Life?  What keeps you here?
[17:26] Khar (kharissa.indigo): After being here for almost 7 years(rez day is Aug.3) I can say the reason I log on  every day is because of my friends
[17:26] Rusty Redfield: oh! Congrats - I just had my 4th, although this isn't my first account
[17:26] Khar (kharissa.indigo): I have meet a lot of people here but I have a few close friends that keep me coming back
[17:26] Rusty Redfield: I definitely know how that goes
[17:27] Rusty Redfield: if you want to do any shoutouts go for it LOL
[17:27] Khar (kharissa.indigo): LOL ok Hi Doc, Larz, Baz Otto and Tad!!!!
[17:27] Rusty Redfield: hahah perfect
[17:28] Rusty Redfield: on to #2 then
[17:28] Khar (kharissa.indigo): sure
[17:28] Rusty Redfield: 2. What are the qualities that attract you to people in Second Life?
[17:30] Khar (kharissa.indigo): The same as they are in real life...Honesty ...having a good time...playing games or just sitting around talking
[17:30] Rusty Redfield: those are good qualities here to be sure
[17:30] Rusty Redfield: what games do you like to play?
[17:32] Khar (kharissa.indigo): hehehe..greedy ,skippo, bowling, cards against humanities  ...and I'll try any thing at least once
[17:32] Rusty Redfield: I'm just learning about Greedy and I'm significantly terrible at it LOL
[17:32] Khar (kharissa.indigo): my advice is be a good loser it makes you a humble winner
[17:32] Rusty Redfield: but they just put in a Greedy table down the street so I think I'll get some practice LOL
[17:33] Rusty Redfield: oh good advice!!
[17:33] Khar (kharissa.indigo): cool or you can come play at my place
[17:33] Rusty Redfield: great!
[17:33] Rusty Redfield: thank you!
[17:33] Rusty Redfield: now, the next question I put in so people could blow their own horn without worrying about it -- feel free to be shameless LOL
[17:33] Rusty Redfield: 3. What are you working on, as a form of artistic expression or in order to earn money, or both?
[17:34] Khar (kharissa.indigo): well at the moment I am taking a break after the Second Pride Festival...that takes a lot of hard work and time to put on by all the members  but
[17:35] Rusty Redfield: I saw it from the audience, so, yeah, I know it took a huge amount of work
[17:36] Khar (kharissa.indigo): I have a small furniture store called Sophie's Choice and  there is a dance on our sim every thursday called Cock on the Dock which we took over after the Riviera closed
[17:36] Rusty Redfield: and that's where we met I think!
[17:36] Rusty Redfield: I didn't know aboout the store -- what kind of furniture?
[17:36] Khar (kharissa.indigo): Doc Spad and I loved that party so we invited Karl  and Jak to have the party there every week. It's been a real blast
[17:37] Khar (kharissa.indigo): mostly deco
[17:37] Rusty Redfield: heh heh this is probably the first time you've seen me with my clothes on ROFL
[17:37] Rusty Redfield: oooo I LOVE deco
[17:37] Khar (kharissa.indigo): I am fascinated by that period
[17:37] Rusty Redfield: okay, I'll get a SLURL** and throw it in so we can all check it out (added later; the Marketplace store is here and the SLURL is here)
[17:37] Rusty Redfield: me too, it's so elegant and restrained and just beautiful
[17:38] Rusty Redfield: I did a whole deco house here a few years back, I imagine you have too
[17:38] Khar (kharissa.indigo): actually no this last year is the first time I owned a house in sl and I did that one more country  it fit the sim more
[17:39] Rusty Redfield: fair enough ... yes, deco wouldn't fit here either, I know what you mean, it's tempting but we have to fit in with our neighbours! LOL
[17:40] Khar (kharissa.indigo): two years ago I did a Inaugural Ball for Second Pride and the whole theme was Deco it got me started
[17:40] Khar (kharissa.indigo): what I couldn't find I made
[17:40] Rusty Redfield: I have a couple of Suzy Cooper pieces in real life, that's what got me started
[17:40] Khar (kharissa.indigo): and that started  tghe building of furniture
[17:41] Rusty Redfield: I'll definitely be checking out the store!
[17:41] Khar (kharissa.indigo): :)
[17:41] Rusty Redfield: okay, next one --
[17:41] Rusty Redfield: unless you have more enterprises you want to talk about?
[17:42] Rusty Redfield: 4. If you could give advice to your earlier self in the first month that you spent in Second Life, what would you say?
[17:42] Khar (kharissa.indigo): Well DJ Wesley  and I might be starting up a friday night thing once a month but we'll see
[17:42] Rusty Redfield: aha! Well, I'll spread the word when you do
[17:42] Khar (kharissa.indigo): ok
[17:43] Khar (kharissa.indigo): now on to your next question
[17:43] Rusty Redfield: yes, sorry, I tend to be a bit scattered LOL
[17:45] Khar (kharissa.indigo): well I think the first thing I would tell myself is to not go with my usual trust people until they break that trust....In sl everything is so different and you can see people's faces or always hear their voices so you have to be more cautious
[17:45] Khar (kharissa.indigo): oh typo you can't see their faces is what I meant to say
[17:46] Rusty Redfield: Oh, I hear you on that one.  I'm the same, trust people until they break the trust, but -- I have lots of scars
[17:46] Khar (kharissa.indigo): as do I
[17:46] Khar (kharissa.indigo): but we live and learn
[17:46] Rusty Redfield: yes.  well, I gather I have lots of newbie readers so -- listen up, this lady knows what she's talking about!! LOL
[17:47] Khar (kharissa.indigo): I would also tell myself to explore more
[17:47] Rusty Redfield: oh yes.  I agree there.  Other than learning how to get dressed, I see so many newbies just doing the big three -- dancing, shopping, fucking
[17:47] Khar (kharissa.indigo): after Pride this year Larz and I made a deal to spend more time going different places SL has so much more to offer
[17:48] Rusty Redfield: and I had a similar epiphany -- when I started blogging.  I had to actually find interesting places and people to bring to my readers!
[17:48] Khar (kharissa.indigo): well I can't say I don't like all 3 of those but life is so much more then that
[17:48] Rusty Redfield: there are thousands of people here designing and creating things for other people, it seems a shame not to experience as much as you can
[17:49] Khar (kharissa.indigo): the destination guide  can be a great  place to start
[17:50] Rusty Redfield: yes! And bloggers work hard at finding stuff too -- I'm not great at destinations but if you find a good blogger stick with him/her
[17:50] Khar (kharissa.indigo): agreed
[17:50] Rusty Redfield: Eddi Haskell for instance
[17:50] Khar (kharissa.indigo): I love bloggers
[17:50] Rusty Redfield: anyway! almost done ... two more questions
[17:50] Rusty Redfield: 5. What do you like most about the way that your avatar looks?
[17:51] Khar (kharissa.indigo): well most of it but then I took a long time to look this way ...I didn't just buy buy buy ...the shape is the one I had in rl when I was 24
[17:51] Rusty Redfield: whoa!
[17:52] Rusty Redfield: um, I'm gay and you are enough to turn me into a lesbian! ROFLMAO
[17:52] Khar (kharissa.indigo): I love the skin because of it's coloring I  have olive colored skin in rl
[17:53] Rusty Redfield: yes, it's a chance to try out other -- ways of looking
[17:53] Khar (kharissa.indigo): and the red haor well what can I say if I pop my own color by 2  this is what you get
[17:53] Khar (kharissa.indigo): hair*
[17:53] Rusty Redfield: <grin> that's so good, I also try to look like myself but "more so"
[17:53] Khar (kharissa.indigo): well here we always fit in our clothes:)
[17:53] Khar (kharissa.indigo): can't beat that
[17:54] Rusty Redfield: <laughing> very true! no zits, no eye bags, got to love that!
[17:54] Khar (kharissa.indigo): sure do always have a good morning in SL
[17:54] Rusty Redfield: yeah, no matter what -- or who -- you did the night before
[17:54] Khar (kharissa.indigo): exactly
[17:54] Rusty Redfield: last question ...
[17:54] Rusty Redfield: 6. What’s your favourite place to spend time in Second Life?
[17:55] Rusty Redfield: (this is my sneaky way of getting recommendations on fun things to do LOL)
[17:57] Khar (kharissa.indigo): honestly I enjoy staying on my sim more then any where else ..We have put so much into it and even built the house from first to last prim and I love it.......but the places I do go to every week are...Mawl at 3bears on Mondays......sometimes I go see Zann on tuesdays at Blu....Wednesdays I see Shep if he's playing...thursdays is Cock on the dock....Sunday I go to Cocktails
[17:58] Rusty Redfield: LOL I'm scribbling madly here in RL -- thanks, good hints! (Readers, Khar knows a LOT of hot guys)
[17:59] Khar (kharissa.indigo): LOL and most of them are gay
[18:00] Rusty Redfield: that's all my questions, but I try to offer at this point a chance to say anything you want -- philosophy, advice, anything you want.  Is there anything I should have asked you about?
[18:04] Khar (kharissa.indigo): well I think your question do tend to cover most things and I thank you for asking....What I would like to say to your readers is....You came here to have fun and try something different ....maybe do some exploring or just exploring yourself....remember that when the times get tough or drama rears it's ugly head and go back to's not hard to do .....there are real people behind the avatars and the computers...treat them how you would like to be treated ...which is not necessarily how you treat yourself.....and last but not least...don't forget to turn off your computer and go for a walk in the real world
[18:06] Rusty Redfield: Thank you! Thanks for your time -- it was great to actually sit down with you and I hope my readers will take your advice to heart, you've been here a long time and I think everyone respects your community service
[18:06] Khar (kharissa.indigo): Thank you again for asking me and it has been my utmost pleasure to serve the community
[18:07] Rusty Redfield: we'll look forward to seeing you in person at Pride next year!
[18:07] Khar (kharissa.indigo): hehehe I"M sure it's going to fun

[18:07] Rusty Redfield: so --I think that's it ... where's the darn stop button on this *click*

**Later that same night: I'm having trouble finding the Sophie's Choice store on the grid, but I want to get this post up, so I'll add it later ...  (added it!)

Thanks, Khar!! Great to talk to you and I'll see you soon!

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