Thursday, 10 July 2014

039: Best roller coaster ever!

After my interview with Jak Calcutt the other day, he introduced me to a great roller coaster -- I have to say, this is the best ride I've ever seen in SL. I haven't had the opportunity to ride a lot of them in RL so I have few experiences to compare ... I sure wish I could ride one this big in reality!

I wanted to tell you more about it but it's just kind of there, with no explanation; it's called the Cyclone, and it takes up an entire sim boundary on Soho New York. The owner is a resident named followmeimthe Piedpiper, and the associated company on Marketplace is Sweetbay Designs. Sweetbay sells things like railway stations and railways and houses; large architectural features. Interesting store.

But the roller coaster is wonderful! It's the kind of thing you have to see for yourself. Here's a SLURL.  Ride by yourself or take a friend or two (hint: try sitting in the second car and check out the gestures!). I had fun; you will too.

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