Friday, 4 July 2014

037: Happy Independence Day to my American friends!

I may have missed my own Canada Day but I have a good reason to wish my American friends a happy Independence Day -- I got some great photographs!
Originally I went out to check out an interesting art exhibit at the F-Star Gallery, called "and Red." Up close and personal with red-headed male avs. Very simple shots, white backgrounds, a very clean and spare look to them. I was impressed; there's some handsome redheads out there! And I know from experience -- hey, I started in SL as a redhead, that's why I'm named Rusty -- that if you really want to keep a consistent look as a redhead, it's difficult. You pretty much have to hunt down the right pieces to complete your skin, like freckles and details. It's not enough to just have a very pale skin, you have to have a skin that's been designed for a redhead, and those are few and far between. Not only that, you have to pick your clothes in a range of colours that complements your colour scheme; not everything comes in those colours.
So here's a bunch of snapshots I took of the art installation. But before I leave you to contemplate how handsome redheads are, as I was on my way out I noticed that, it being U.S. Independence Day, the folks at F-Star Gallery had put up a very decent effort of incredible fireworks, and a large sized Statue of Liberty, and it just looked irresistible. So I set my sun to midnight and fired off a bunch of shots. See what you think, and thanks, F-Star Gallery. And happy 4th of July!
(Apologies: I seem to have failed to get the SLURL together. If you search for F-Star Gallery in world, you'll find them.)

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