Saturday, 5 March 2016

171: The blacklight sessions with DJ Lledge

It's been a while! My real life and my Second Life weren't coexisting well for some time, but I have more time these days.  Lots of water under the bridge. Among other things, I managed to sneak in a surprise marriage to Alex Thaub along the way (he'd kept me waiting a year, so I surprised him with a ceremony on our first anniversary). That was fun! I'll tell you all about it later.
   Last night Alex and I were at the Friday night
Blacklight Sessions with tunage by DJ Lledge Eames and it was just such a good time, I had to share. I love house and trance and EDM, and the way I tell who my favourite DJs in SL are is by how much time I spend bouncing in my chair. I was bouncing pretty much for two hours last night!
   Hosting by my friend Novs Morlim -- who coincidentally did the ceremonial duties at that surprise wedding I mentioned -- means that everyone is so engaged in the open channel, joking and
having fun, that nobody feels the need to fire off a bunch of gestures. That's how I tell who my favourite hosts in SL are! And did I mention a bunch of handsome guys wearing little or nothing? You can tell from the photographs. Sorry I've been away from party blogging for a while; I didn't write down enough names. My friend Marly Moon was there ... for the rest, too many cocktails, sorry ;-(
   The Blacklight Sessions with DJ Lledge are at Ursa Oceanus (230,63,22) ... hope to see you there
next week, Fridays 7 to 9 PM SLT.  The smart thing to do would be to join Lledge's DJ group so you can be reminded of these things.  Alex and I have this event marked on our calendar for every Friday, but a reminder never hurts.

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