Thursday, 14 January 2016

170: The haircut process

We'd both been talking about it for a while. Well, okay, I've been complaining about the issues involved in having long hair and Alex has been patiently listening. But I think he secretly likes me with shorter hair, so he volunteered to take the scissors to me.  I thought, what the heck, if he wants to have some fun ... I figured it would grow back.  Famous last words.
  He's such a smooth talker. He got me in the chair, and
just kept up a constant flow of chatter about current events, and who broke up with who, and that new club that opened. Every once in a while he'd step back and take a picture, and go, "No, needs more trimming," and the clippers would start up again. I was half asleep the whole time, I think. Finally he said, "Well, that's it!" I had a few millimetres of stubble and a whole new look. Well ... it will grow back, I guess.

I finally found something that was worth cranking up a GIF maker for; this one was from and is both free and really easy to use.
   If you're curious, the hair credits are as follows (with Marketplace links to the demo as available):
Bryce: Saul
Exile: A.J.
Exile: Revolver
Mina: Waylon
No.Match: No.Rest
No.Match: No.Fail
No.Match: No.Access
Tableau Vivant: Smolderholder
   And thanks to supermodel Alex Thaub for being patient while I did this!

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