Thursday, 2 July 2015

142: Do our RL friends think SL is all about the sexytimes?

From time to time I come across an interesting piece of writing about Second Life. Frequently I have a comment about it, so I pass it along with my gloss on the concepts, but in this case I don't have much to add; I merely wanted to share this because I think you'll find it interesting. Should we be worried that non-SL folks associate Second Life with adult content? In a recent analysis, the very intelligent Canary Beck suggests that we should not worry, because Google Analytics tells us that they don't.

This is something I've thought about; it makes me more reluctant to talk about SL to my friends and family, because I suspect they may perceive it as sleazy and, pretty much, something they don't want to know about.  Apparently that was my issue but not theirs.  You should read the article, though, which marshals a lot of scientific evidence in a useful and sensible way. (Well done Canary Beck!) If and when you ever have an argument about this, you'll want to have this kind of evidence on hand to crush the opponents.

Read the article here.  I swiped the picture of Canary Beck from her blog to show you that she's also really, really skilled at creating a great-looking av.

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