Wednesday, 15 July 2015

143: My 5th rezday party at RED

It seems like only a few days ago that I was trying to figure out how to use my AO so I wouldn't walk like a duck, and now, here I am, an old hand -- capable of leaving the house with my penis hanging out, or deleting my own house by accident twice as fast as ever before. ;-) Yes, I've been a resident in Second Life for five years now, and last night I celebrated with a party at RED, my friend Cupric Router's latest club. Coop
and Hottie B. [mjshotboy.skytower] were in charge of the music and celebrations.
   Folks, I had a wonderful time.  Thanks very much. VERY much. You filled a gift box with L$2850 for me and I split it between RED and Second Pride -- L$2450 each.  Hey, I'm elderly, I can make mistakes in math ... and as I always say, if you don't support the institutions you like in Second Life, they go away.
   There were a couple of people who messaged because they couldn't make
it, for which thanks. Everyone else, I'm going to name-check here ... I was having too much fun to take individual photographs, and I was worried about crashing out of my own party, so I just spun my camera in a circle and took crowd shots.  Y'all know who you are, and you all looked GREAT.
   Thanks to my darling Alex Thaub and, in no particular order, Marly Moon [marlymoon], Nikolai Warden, Cayson Triellis, Cygnus Neox [cygnus.jun], Uz Bigbear [uzme.evermore], Kerrdan, my
fellow blogger Ziggy Starsmith looking skunky-cute as ever, Astanias Jayaram, Wes [weshalston], JJ Phoenix [safakako], Mano Phoenix [manotheartist], newcomer Mitch DeLuca [ispdude], Jose Vuckovic, my neighbour Jak Calcutt, the lovely Khar [kharissa.indigo], Lledge Eames, Stallion Pizzaro [ownedbosk], Fabio Descenna, Andriaj Juran, and JP Damien [bantamhill].
   Good music, good friends, and a good time was had by all!


  1. Happy belated rezday greetings, Rusty! I am sorry I couldn't be there due to timezone differences!

    1. Not to worry Bock, I know you would have been there if you could have ... we'll see each other soon!