Tuesday, 21 July 2015

146: Griefer alert (don't get mad, get even)

This is what griefers used to do. These days they're not
as imaginative, just vulgar.
Hey folks: I made a trip to Men Only Monthly tonight looking for interesting new stuff ... there were a few things there that I bought, and I expect I'll blog about them soon. But our trip was interrupted by four avatars who were making extremely rude and vulgar remarks about me and my husband -- completely unprompted. Between them they had a rendering cost in what must have been four digits -- not very polite to wear to a crowded shopping venue. And I haven't been insulted like that in five years of SL residence (at least not by a stranger LOL).
   I have chat logs, but I will be saving them for people whom I'm trying to convince to ban these nitwits. I left immediately and sent a notecard to the owner of Men Only Monthly, Missy (missqwerty.pevensey) -- who, I am delighted to say, got back to me immediately and banned all four of them within 30 minutes. Well done, Missy. That's the kind of customer service that makes friends and long-term customers. I'm sad to say that Missy said it's the third time this week she's had this issue with different griefers.
   But I'm going to suggest to anyone in the entire Gay Archipelago and beyond that these are not people you want to have around when your real customers like me are trying to enjoy themselves and spend money. I'm going to break my own rule and mention another resident in something other than favourable terms; ban these assholes ASAP from everything over which you have the power.  Here's the names:
  • ciɑƦđα Ʀαȼ (jae30rae)
  • Narbow シ (narisa24601)
  • B.Breezy (dodgemystds)
  • SKY (skyylarrain)
I didn't want to encourage them by printing pictures, but if you see a vulgar little slut with an ass the size of a three-car garage and a mouth like an open sewer -- that's the really nasty one. Feel free to leave a comment if you've encountered them, or if you're going to take me at my word and ban them. A couple of you have done so already; if I encounter these people anywhere in the future, at a club or a sim run by a friend, I'll have some questions.  If you have any, get in touch.


  1. I love to orbit the fuckers with my little tools shhhhhhhhhhhhh

  2. Thanks for the warning Rusty. I have added them to my island's ban list.

    1. Much obliged, sir -- that's the response I'm looking for.