Thursday, 25 June 2015

141: We met this great guy, Flat Bock

I can't help it, you know. There's a certain kind of guy who has a kind of ... flat stare, looking off into the distance, it just turns me on. I used to date a lot of pilots. I see a guy like this, I just have to meet him and get to know him. That enigmatic thing just fascinates me.
   So when Alex Thaub and I were out at Pride 2015 today, wandering around, we met this great guy at a booth -- Flat Bock. He kind of reminded me of this Swedish
royal guy who's a famous blogger, Bock McMillan, that I've seen around at clubs and art openings, but gee, you know, I get nervous talking to handsome guys like that. Flat Bock was the strong silent type.
   Alex and I persuaded him to leave his buddy with the jester hat and come and hang out with us for a while on our dock -- then we brought him back to the house and had a few drinks. Turns out he's an excellent DJ, just like that guy he resembles, so we were drinking and
dancing and laughing, and then we thought we'd show him around the house, and the bedroom was right there, and, well, you know, the guy is HOT, okay?  Alex and I have never brought anyone into our bedroom before, probably won't again, but we were both ready to have some fun with Flat Bock.  Not really sure why he wanted us to dress up and do that stuff with the feathers and the peanut butter, but ... you know, WOW.
   God, I hope he phones us back.
Happy Pride, everyone!


  1. ROFL you almost had me actually rolling on the floor there, Rusty! I am really glad that you and Alex could use Flat Bock to spice things up a bit...

    As for the feathers and peanut butter, let's keep that to ourselves, eh? I would want it to be an amazing experience for the next guys who also try that out wit Flat Bock.

    1. Alex and I had a great time playing with Flat Bock and I recommend him to everyone. Thanks for making it possible, Real Bock!! ;-)

  2. Ah, haha, good story, I loved the triangle with Mr. Bock. ;-P

  3. Ah, haha, good story, I loved the triangle with Mr. Bock. ;-P