Sunday, 14 December 2014

090: First anniversary party at The Grindery

Last night at 8 PM SLT on the dot, my friends Cupric Router and Hotboy Lockjaw kicked off the celebration of the first year of operation for The Grindery, which is one of my favourite clubs on the grid. The music is great, the people are friendly and there's a nice mix of different kinds of people, everybody has fun, and the parties just work. By which I mean that people actually talk in the open
channel and don't just spray a lot of gestures at each other while everyone chats in IM. I've found that the Grindery is where people come to have fun as a group together, dancing and talking and laughing. and that's the kind of club I like.
     As usual, Coop and Hottie switched off the DJ duties, an hour apiece, and the two of them seem to have learned to
work together to build great sets from low to high energy and then sliding back a little to a comfortable groove.
     I have a fondness for the Grindery because it was when I was taking selfies there at the end of last February that I decided to start this blog -- my "000" post shows me dancing there (and so does the picture to the left!). So the Grindery is about three months older
than this blog, and I'll hope that we both last a long time.
     I took a lot of pictures last night and I'll just let you see all of us having a good time. Happy anniversary, Grindery!
     And, by the way, happy rezday to JJ Goodman, whose excellent pictures of this event you will probably also see in your feed -- his will be the ones in focus where you can see the faces properly ;-).
Also a shout out to Kahvy Smith and Garrett Smith, who interrupted their honeymoon (they got married yesterday!) to come to the party.
     Enjoy the pictures!


  1. "Interrupted", huh? That was really awfully poilte of you, Rusty. The newlyweds needed a well-earned break in all their shagging, is what I would say ;)

  2. I wondered quite how to put that into words. After a long day, both of them looked perfect at the party that night ... I was envying them their recovery abilities! ;-)