Saturday, 6 December 2014

089: My new Lapointe & Bastchild jacket

I'm not much of a fashion blogger because, let's face it, I'm not much of a fashion plate. My Second Life philosophy is that your avatar should present a consistent picture of your character, or at least *A* character, and my character happens to be a guy who spends lots of time in T-shirts and jeans and comfortable footwear and leather jackets. I'm boring.
     This means generally that I don't spend money on clothes all that often. But I noticed the other day that Lapointe & Bastchild had a new leather jacket out. I looked at the picture that came in my feed the other day and was on Marketplace about 15 seconds later, buying it. And it's my third jacket from them in two months.
     You'll find the Marketplace link for
what I'm talking about here. It's called the S'Wear MESH "Death Royale" Urban Biker Leather Jacket. It comes with a HUD that gives you the choice of 15 different leathers (the back design), 18 T-shirts or no T-shirt at all, two different finishes of leather, hardware colour choices, etc.
     I just think this is a great piece of clothing. I'm not sure if my photographs
are good enough to show you the fine details in the construction, but believe me, they are there. This is built at a level that you would expect to find in the real world costing US$599 or a lot more.
     The range of T-shirts is excellent; the leathers designs are variations on skulls. The alphas work exactly as you would expect them to, which is not always the case and I'm grateful when I find it.
     The photo shoot was occasioned by -- well, I had a little difference of opinion in an alley the other night, hence the black eye you can see if you zoom in, and I'm posing with the new security guard I'm installing at the cabin, at least for the holidays. <wink> The difference in our outfits made me chuckle, and a photo shoot was born.
     I don't talk about clothes often and I wanted to re-affirm that this, like everything else I talk about, is me liking something and blogging about it. Nobody pays me to do anything in Second Life -- quite the opposite. Nobody has given me a review copy, although if Lapointe & Bastchild wants to hire me as a spokesmodel, I'm all over it.


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  3. Its very hot. But that toy soldier behind you Rusty does NOT look like Sal Mineo in Rebel Without a Cause, although you very well could play James Dean in a Second Life revival performance of the classic teen rebel movie. We have to find someone else to play your sidekick!

  4. I've always thought Sal Mineo was a very attractive guy! But bless your heart for thinking I could be a teen -- anything!!