Tuesday, 24 June 2014

035: A ribbeting display!

In a spare moment, I thought I'd drop into Second Pride this afternoon. This particular two-hour stint was hosted by Manshots magazine and its CEO Angelik Lavecchia; I'm a fan of this magazine and have said so before (see post #03). Thanks Angelik!

I was at the main pavilion where all the dances are, just enjoying the music and bopping along, and chatting with Jak Calcott, who designed the place ... pervcamming all the handsome guys ...

But then my attention was ribbeted -- sorry! -- by these six cute little frogs, any of whom might have been as tall as my calf, who showed up off to one side of the dance floor, dancing as a synchronized unit. I have to say, this is the best group idea I've seen in a long time.  A long time. I roared with laughter and loved them all instantly.

My friend and neighbour Joseph Nussbaum was one of the frogs -- he said they'd been taking some pictures and decided to pop into Pride for some fun and to amuse the onlookers. The other five were Tomais Ashdene, Holter, Sabor Skytower, Bock McMillan, and Boris Twist ... thank you, froggies, you made my day!

Boris Twist also came to my attention this afternoon in a completely different context, the latest issue of Photography magazine, because the guy has a fierce eye! I'm sure he must have exhibited before, I simply haven't been in the right place at the right time, but -- a frog with a great camera eye? I think my readers have to find out more LOL.

Sorry the little skeeters were moving around too fast for me to make notes of which guy was which colour frog -- but I'm sure the sexy one is Joe!


  1. There is a video with us now:

  2. A fantastic video! I wonder if anyone but fanbois like me will recognize that song as being from the film of "A Clockwork Orange"?

  3. Pffft, no the sexy one is not Joe, it's my Tomais! Joe is just the cutest one...