Wednesday, 11 June 2014

028: New vest from Dozze

To quote Amanda Lepore, "I don't know much about clothes, but my hair looks fierce." I'd like to think that today I look almost as fierce as Ms. Lepore, courtesy of some new hair and a new vest.

I don't often get inspired to go on a selfie fashion shoot, but you know, it's kind of fun. I went to a bar called "The Hole" that's part of Cox Leather Land to see if I could get some biker-like atmosphere. No bikes or bikers in sight, but there was a lot of enigmatic-looking furniture that I thought made for some interesting pictures.

I liked this biker vest a lot when I saw it here while glancing through fashion blogs today, and more than one blog at that, so I went and bought one. It's the Wastrel Leather Vest, rigged mesh from Dozze, designed by Zevock Trenkins, and feels very comfortable. Beautiful textures and cut for a muscular shape. It fits well with the included alpha and I had no problems with their XL size, which is sometimes the case from other designers. You have your choice of 4 colours at L$345 (black, brown, grey, red) and the fatpack for L$830. Each vest comes with ten choices of colour via HUD for the underlying T-shirt, which alas is mandatory, but the T-shirt textures and colours are elegantly understated. Dozze apparently sells only in Marketplace and the store is found here.

The Dozze store is worth looking at for a couple of reasons, one of which is, this is how you organize a store on Marketplace, so if you are floundering, here is a good model to follow. There are a couple of hundred items representing various colour choices of a limited range of garments, and each has its easily accessed demo and affiliated fatpack.

For me, the interesting part was that all the clothes fit together as a coherent look. In terms of colours and styles and attitudes, you could feel confident that if one of the garments suited your style, it all would. That for me is rare. I've seen large stores in SL helmed by excellent designers who can sustain two or three different looks for the same label, and I get that. But here I feel like I've just discovered a designer who knows how to do a single thing really well and sticks to that. If Zevock Trenkins did two or three such looks in a full wardrobe, either the Marketplace store would be unwieldy and overlarge or there would have to be an SL-based clicks and mortar location, and more marketing, yada yada. Less fun, more work. This caters to the kind of SL guy who wants to throw something on, everything fits, it looks great, and you look like you thought about what you were wearing. And if you dressed like this in RL, those doormen at the downtown clubs might be unlatching that rope a little faster <grin>. So a guy who wants to look put together could do worse -- a LOT worse -- than just go buy the entire line and then you're pretty much done for a year.

There seems to be a lot of good thought and perhaps some real-life experience behind this line, and I intend to keep an eye on Dozze. Check it out.

My new hair is fierce, I think. "Hayate" from Argrace, and I think I also spotted this in the blog feed today. I still like my last favourite, but it had not managed to maintain looking all messy and charming and One Direction/Hugh Grant/Andy Hardy-ish like when I bought it; instead, it looked like someone who was too busy to get a damn haircut and it kept falling in his face. This may have something to do with my real-life need for a haircut; sometimes art imitates life. So I was in the mood for something a bit more restrained and I thought this -- like everything from Argrace -- looked expensive and understated. I had to tweak its size and position a little but I think it was an investment of time well spent.

Hair: "Hayate" from Argrace Hair (get the demo here); mine is Ash Black and the XXL size fits my overly-large head quite nicely.
Vest and T-shirt: Dozze (by Zevock Trenkins); the vest in black is found here.
Skin: Redgrave "Cruz"
Eyes: MADesigns, "Soul"
Tattoo: Identity: Into Darkness
Ring: Chop Zuey, "The Gambler" (from the current Men Only Hunt)

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