Sunday, 8 June 2014

026: Pose rugs

From time to time I like to talk about a good idea that I've seen, while around and about in Second Life. This one is the pose rug.

You'll see in the photo to the left that I'm in the traditional pose for the fitting of clothes; usually when you see your av in this position, it's standing on a pose stand. My pose stand, however, is the Persian carpet upon which I'm standing, which goes with my decor a lot better than a chunky pose stand with somebody's logo on it. Yes, my feet do sink into it a little; no, it's not the greatest convenience when you're fitting shoes. But for everything else it's super-convenient to have a carpet at hand that doubles as a pose stand, instead of either having an ugly stand in the corner, or rezzing a new one every time.

 I honestly don't know why this idea hasn't swept the grid. Everyone that learns my Persian carpet is a pose stand says, "OMG, that's a GREAT idea, I'm totally getting one of those!" They're available on Marketplace for as little as L$3 with 14 texture changes. What more could you want? (If you really, really want more, I'm sure you could figure out how to extract the poses and put them into the carpet of your choice.)

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