Monday, 11 January 2016

168: Lapointe & Bastchild Limited Edition Jacket

Alex Thaub and I had some fun tonight; I'd seen a nice jacket shown in one of my Facebook groups and thought we'd go and check it out. The idea was interesting to me, a limited edition jacket at an event that is devoted to them, Project Limited.  All the goods at this event are produced in limited numbers, so you can be sure that not everyone at the club will have your look.
   Lapointe & Bastchild don't do a huge range of
garments, but there is one market niche for men that they have totally nailed; their S'Wear leather bomber jacket, with or without a T-shirt underneath, all with lots of choices built into a HUD. I have like four of them with little differences. This one has a large shearling collar, and I'm wearing one very much like it in real life this season.  There are five different designs for embroidery on the back of the jacket, all very wild, and each jacket WAS available in an edition of 150; I think they've sold about 25 each,
so if you get there soon you can still find a full range from which to choose.  Women's jacket also available, and similar styling. Alex and I bought different patterns but we both soon discovered we like the unadorned jacket the best; very elegant and realistic. But I thought I'd show you the back design also.
   If you'd like to check out Project Limited, there's a SLURL here. I should mention that I don't get paid or given free products by L&B, I just like their work. I
think you might too.

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