Wednesday, 30 November 2016

178: A walk around 3Bears

 I was trying to think of an interesting place to take some photographs -- to show off my neat new winter jacket -- when I realized I live on the very scenic sim 3Bears.
  Not only is it my own back yard, I noticed that the 3Bears guys have got some nicely designed little houses and installed them in attractive, friendly neighbourhoods. There's a lot to be said for starting your SL in a place like this,
with just over a hundred prims. You have a place to change clothes, rez your purchases, decorate a little, and install a piece of sex furniture with 700 combinations in the menus ;-)  That's all you need when you're starting out.
  The little brownstones here are a very nice space, 117 prims for L$350 a week. I rather liked the boathouses here, 146 prims for L$440 a week, because there's a boat dock at ground level and one big room above. It's actually more effective to have a single room than two floors, if
you have a strict prim allowance; you can focus your decoration more effectively. Less, as they say, can be more.
  I'm not sure about the effects of the recent prim upgrades; we tenants haven't seen any effect of it yet, but I've sort of been expecting it.  Mind you, I'm not sure of the conditions defined by Linden Labs. The 3Bears folks know better than anyone at this point.
  The gentlemen at 3Bears are easy to get along with, responsive to your needs,
and have a nice taste in public decor. Talk to Galileo Bear-Michalski (galileo.michalski) and tell him I sent you. He will be surprised, because I decided to give you this little tour on my own; 3Bears doesn't pay me, I just think you might enjoy these little houses. If nothing else, you can wander around and take some pictures, but Gali will help if you have questions.  Enjoy!

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