Monday, 19 December 2016

183: Testing Alchemy

 Alex Thaub and I have had our troubles over the years with Firestorm -- my friends may have noticed that I tend to crash, crash, crash, when there's a lot of avs crammed into a small space, and Alex suffers from lag all out of proportion to the excellence of his computer equipment and connection. So he talked me into trying a new viewer along with him; Alchemy. You can download it here, if you're curious.
  Of course there are always 
things to tweak and fix and jigger when you install a new viewer; it's taking a while. Most of the problems are just finding ways to make things like the way we knew them, rather than it being impossible.  So far, we're both quite excited at how things are holding up. I decided to take a few pictures and see what, if anything, the differences are. There's a few problems with background items not rezzing up ... we're still tweaking the controls.  In the meantime -- hope you like my antlers! ;-)


  1. I use CoolVLViewer and it works great, SL is a very heavy program, even with a good graphics card everything slows down, SL is a program that wear out the computer's hard drive. My laptop reaches the temperature of 45 ° C [113 ° F], you can not imagine so hot, my keyboard melts when there is sex, hahaha

  2. Link to Cool VL Viewer:

  3. Thank you, Fabio! This may be the next one we test. So far we're pretty happy with Alchemy but we're always looking for something even more stable ... I'll talk to Alex. In the meantime thanks for the information and the link!