Sunday, 14 June 2015

140: An evening at eSound

Alex Thaub and I had a good time last night dancing at the new eSound club, with DJ BJF [Floyd Arun] on the decks and his partner Harden Underwood handling hosting duties. eSound is a new club with an interesting idea -- if you're a DJ working in the area of electronic music, you can use the club and invite your
friends. I hasten to add that that is my understanding based on what I see coming through the club's feed; confirm this with BJF and Harden before you make plans.
   The club is fun, a nice open air concept. I know that people are loving the music, they just kept arriving last night faster than I could take pictures. Not too much lag, and one thing I like
about this club is that the dance board is easy to use and gives you an identifiable "stop dancing" button. But then, I'm easily pleased. Lots of hot bodies last night, male and female, a good mix of people, not too many gestures, people chatting in the open channel, and even a Linden who was having a social evening and bopping along to the tunes.
   And you know, this is a nice place.
I know that because when BJF lost his feed and the music stopped, DJ Hotboy Lockjaw stepped in and kept the music going until BJF retrieved the feed a few minutes later. THAT is the kind of thing that endangers confidence and goodwill and a sense that everyone is working together to create a good time for all.
   The SLURL is here. I would recommend joining their feed if you want
to keep in touch with what's happening when; I've noticed occasionally they have a good party on short notice.

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