Monday, 27 October 2014

071: Dancing at the Voodoo Hallowe'en Festival at Second Pride

Ah, the cycle of Hallowe'en parties is starting to get really cranked up. I did want to make a point of taking my friend Alex Thaub out dancing at the Second Pride Voodoo Hallowe'en Festival on the Second Pride temporary build. It's a good cause, they have got some great DJs and everyone gets a great party! Tonight we have Galileo Michalski of 3Bears (where I live) to thank for the
party, featuring the DJ and hosting skills of my neighbours, partners Jak Calcutt and Karl Kalchek.
     I couldn't stay for the second half, because I wanted to explore some very cool builds on the sim that I'd heard about. So many pictures that I'll split it in half -- tomorrow's post will be devoted to Rusty and Alex in the haunted house, fun house and various scary stuff!! (No
pictures of me falling off the monorail like a doofus, thank goodness.)
     Enjoy the pictures and see if you recognize anyone!
     And check out the sim -- there's been some amazing work, all donated labour, and this is a good cause that deserves our support. Did I mention it's a lot of fun?

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