Monday, 20 October 2014

068: Sunday at Blow Buddies

Ordinarily when I go out dancing and decide to do a blog post, I try to zoom in on every individual person and get a close-up picture.  I don't know about you, but I always love to see pictures of myself at SL parties; makes me feel like someone was paying attention LOL.
But the parties on Sunday afternoon at Blow Buddies, as you can certainly see from these shots, are so darn full of
people that it would have taken me more time than I had to zoom in on them all.  Everyone was moving around too fast for me to count, but I think there were 35 or 40 guys there at various points. I know I saw a couple of friends there, including Ziggy Starsmith and Bry (Bryan Trefoil) and Hotboy Lockjaw, the DJ, and I was chatting and laughing and ... well, anyway, I just gave up on the idea
and thought you'd understand why if I showed you a lot of av-filled action shots.
     But I can tell you that it's a great party, every Sunday from 5 to 7 PM SLT, with Hottie keeping everyone on the dance floor and host Jeb Nicholls keeping the conversation going (and filthy! LOL) while dancing and waving his ever-present bottle of Jack Daniels. Here's the SLURL ... lots of hot guys in
various states of leather, fetish, and very little at all.  Maybe see you there some upcoming Sunday!

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